30 Rock Makes a Big Bang! {no, it’s not what you think}{20}

My plan for this post was very simple.  I meant to do just a little post about the three dollar watering can that I bought at a yard sale over the Columbus Day weekend.  Not that it is anything so very special.  I bought it because I like it and it was very inexpensive and I thought I could do a quick little Fall vignette – possibly make up for my total lack of Fall decorating thus far.  You can read about my good reasons for that here.

Here is the watering can.

vintage galvanized watering can - it's about 18 inches tall . . . not bad for 3 dollars . . .

Now.  Despite a rather lackluster gardening season I did manage to grow a few pumpkins out there this year.

3 of the 5 pumpkins that were the entire crop for the year. . .

I thought I’d put them together with the watering can and nestle it all in with the leaves that have already fallen from the two big maples out back.  In a sudden burst of Fall Fervor, I picked up a few gourds in the grocery store.  I added them to the mix as well.  I took this picture, which is not bad. . .

. . . but I was unhappy with the grey galvanized can against the grey steps.  You know.  It didn’t. . . pop.  I decided to move the whole set-up so that I’d have the barn-red garage as a back drop.  As far as I’m concerned, the picture did not improve.

don't you agree?

And then I got distracted I shifted my focus to another prop that I was using.  I’ve had this wooden crate for a couple of years and until this morning it was being used as a “table” and the table was holding an outlet strip.  It was very, very fancy.  You know.  Because I’m fancy like that.  I’ve photographed the crate before because I love this graphic it has on one end.

it's just so . . . "super hero"

And even though I’ve photographed it before I never noticed the other writing on the box.  I guess I got distracted, I mean, it was just too dirty and I never cleaned the dirt and spider webs off of it, uh, I must have been working on another fabulous project.  I decided to give the crate a good scrub today and I discovered that there is also this writing on the other short end of the crate.

American Standard Gelatin DYNAMITE

And then there is this on the long side of the crate.

American Cyanamid & Chemical Corp., 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, N. Y., U.S.A.

Imagine that.  The current home of NBC Studios was once the home of a chemical company that made DYNAMITE!  And they had fabulous graphics.

Stranger still is that (I did a little quick research) that address has been home to NINE DIFFERENT chemical companies at one time or another!

Okay.  Back to Fall and decorating and nicer things.  I think I may be able to manage a little more seasonal decorating yet.  This has kind of got me in the swing of things.  I’ve just got to be more creative.  Just because my usual spaces have been taken over doesn’t mean I have to forego the whole season!  I think I may take the kids apple picking tomorrow. I think if you’ll come back again, you might see some more seasonal loveliness!

How about you?  Are you all decorated for Fall?  It’s gotten quite cold here in the last few days.  Have you broken down and turned the heat on yet?  (we did!) Tell me, what is your favorite season/time of year for decorating your home?


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