60 Second Christmas Centerpiece{7}

I know that this can be an especially hectic time of year.  I know I’ve already heard a little too much about how overwhelmed everyone is… My wish for each and every one of you is that you will take the time to relax a bit during the Holiday season.  My personal goal for the last couple of years has been to get to bed early on Christmas Eve.  That may sound like just a little thing to some folks, but for me it’s kind of a huge deal.

We each have our own thing, right?  Getting to bed at a decent hour is always my thing… not just on Christmas Eve.  But especially on that night, I’ve been know to be up until…well, loooong past Santa’s arrival time.  And last year, for the first time since I’ve had children, I was in bed before midnight.

I was very proud.

I’m shooting for even earlier this year!

In the spirit of taking it easy and hanging on to a little down time, I thought I’d show you an EXTREMELY simple, yet very pretty Christmas table centerpiece.  Are you having family or friends over for a meal or a cocktail party?  Even if you’re not – this simple centerpiece can grace the table as an addition to your general Christmas decorations.  Here is my 60 second Christmas centerpiece!

What do you think?

easy christmas table centerpiece breidawithab.com

Honest, this just couldn’t be any easier or faster.  Totally fool proof! Here is what you need:

easy christmas table centerpiece breidawithab.com

a domed cake stand, one wreath, an assortment of christmas ornaments

easy christmas table centerpiece breidawithab.com

these are actually PLASTIC ornaments that I bought on clearance sale at Target last year – post Christmas….

I set the domed part of the cake stand upside down – i set it inside the wreath – just to steady it.  Then I filled the lid with an assortment of Christmas ornaments and put the footed part of the cake stand on top.  See below…

easy christmas table centerpiece breidawithab.com

All that remains is to flip the whole thing right-side-up and set it into the wreath!  And Viola!

easy christmas table centerpiece breidawithab.com

It’s almost effortless and looks really impressive.  And this is all stuff that I already had on hand.  Give it a try!

easy christmas table centerpiece breidawithab.com

easy christmas table centerpiece breidawithab.com

This 60 second Christmas centerpiece is a really easy way to dress up a table or a sideboard… or even a mantel.  It’s not going to take you a long time so you’ll have more time to enjoy the Holiday with your family – and make sure that you can get to bed on time!

More Christmas, soon to come – I did a photo shoot (that makes it sound WAY more professional than it really is) of the decorations in the freshly painted kitchen, yesterday!  Yes!  The kitchen is finished and decorated! I’ll be showing it to you as soon as I can get the photos edited!

Where are you in your Holiday prep?  Ready to start?  Almost finished?  Done ages ago?  I’m somewhere in the middle – tell me how your season is going so far!

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