a small disaster + our summer bucket list{12}

Summer Bucket List

how is your summer turning out so far?

We didn’t have any big plans for the 4th of July. We were just having my in-laws and my Mom over for dinner – and they were each bringing part of the meal. It was our intention to eat the meal outside. On our patio table. With the glass top.

Then this happened. . .

The only bright side of that mess is that I was actually looking right at the table when it happened. It was pretty spectacular. I actually heard the tree branch begin to crack, turned around, and saw it smash right down onto the table. The glass kind of. . . exploded about 10″ straight up into the air. And fell right back down to the ground. It was, of course, about 400 degrees on July 3rd when that happened. And it took a long time to clean up. We still ate dinner outside but we had to get a new table.

Guess who had to clean that up. Did I tell you it was 400 degrees out?

While I was out there scooping up 50 lbs of broken glass, (in the 400 degree heat), I sent the kids inside to get started on a project. Did you know that I am the Home and DIY blogger for Extras For Me? Every month or so, you can catch a fresh post from me over there! They’re always super simple and inexpensive projects. I’ve got a new post up over there today – you should go on over and check it out! This is our Summer Bucket List. You can see how the kids helped and read about a way to get a handle on the summer before it gets away!

Breida’s Summer Bucket List on Extras For Me

Summer Bucket List

You can leave me a comment over there as well. I’ll be poking around to see if you’ve gone to visit! And I’ll see you back here with another new blog post very soon!


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