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Easy Sew Throw Blanket

While we were away on our recent vacation I got an email from my kids’ new school.  The school has an annual fundraising auction and each class contributes a basket to be auctioned off.  Each basket has a theme.  My daughter’s class theme is “a night without electricity” or maybe it’s “a night without power”. . . or maybe it was “emergency preparedness”.  Okay, I’m drawing a blank on what the actual title of the theme is but you get the idea right?  The email was asking for items or monies from each parent in the class to donate to the basket.

easy sew throw balnket

Now typically, when I see an email like that one, I would go into full procrastination mode.  The email mentioned possible ideas for the basket; a blanket, flashlights, batteries, candles etc.  Usually, I would have a great idea, and then proceed to think about that great idea very intently until the last minute – when my idea would already have been taken and it would be too late.  But there I was, on the beach, feeling so relaxed.  I hit “reply” (I was the FIRST person to reply!) and offered to make a throw sized blanket to donate to the auction basket!  I’ve had an idea for making a cozy throw bumping around in my head for months, but I’ve never executed one.

easy sew throw blanket

Well, I’m happy to announce that the project is finished!  It is, just like all of my sewing projects, dead simple. If I can do it?  You can do it.  I’m very proud of myself for doing absolutely NO procrastinating on this one!  The project is done.  The project has been photographed.  And now I’ve even written a blog post about it!!

Here is the completed balnket!

easy sew throw balnket

tah dah!!!

easy sew throw blanket

If you’d like to see a full tutorial on how this blanket was made, you can have a look at how I made these fuzzy baby wash cloths.  That project was the #1 most popular post of the entire 2012 year.  It was pinned and repinned on Pinterest too!  It’s still getting pinned on a regular basis.  Well, this throw blanket is just like those washcloths.  With a couple of  small exceptions – they are made the exact same way.  In order to finish the washcloth, I ran a second line of stitching around just inside the first one.  This served to close up the hole left over from turning the piece right-side-out as well as keeping the two layers together.  I found with the larger project that it wasn’t necessary.  The two layers just cling to each other in a very cozy way.  I sewed up the “turning hole” with a little ladder stitch – done by hand.  Don’t get scared!  You can do that!  And besides, the white fabric is so furry that you could do a terrible job and still all of your stitches would be completely hidden.  cough… Not that I would know anything about that.  Also, this blanket is made with heavier fabrics.  The red is a “home dec” fabric from Joann and the white is a super furry fabric – also from Joann.  Now, all of the home dec fabrics say “dry clean only” or dry cleaning recommended”.  You will have to use your own judgement about that.  My fabric was 100% cotton and so I went ahead and pre washed it.  This blanket is machine washable (as all blankets should be).

easy sew throw balnket

here are the supplies i used. . . plus the sewing machine. . . trusty vintage yardstick for a straight edge. . .

easy sew throw balnket

i used a carboard template to shape the wash cloths - this enamelware pan lid worked perfectly to create the corners for the blanket - you could use anything with a good curve to it. . .

easy sew throw blanket


I know Spring is on the way.  I know it is, I know it is, I know it is, I know it is, I know it is. . . .  But there is still plenty of time for curling up in a sunny spot with a good book, something hot to drink, and a warm blankie.

And if the power goes out, you should be all set, too.

It’s definitely still God-awful-cold chilly here.  Has Spring arrived in your neck of the woods or are you still up to your ears in your fuzzy robe and cozy blankets every morning?

I read and respond to each and every one of your comments!  I really love hearing from you – drop me a line and let me know you were here!


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