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No Idle Hands Over Here. . .

No Idle Hands Over Here. . . {6}

I picked up a knitting project this week.  I knew I would have some free time on Friday while the rest of my family was hitting the slopes at Catamount.  I do not ski.  I spend the day in the lodge.  When I say “spend the day in the lodge” do you get a mental(…)

My Apologies

My Apologies {12}

I need to apologize for a couple of different things here. First, if you are one of the people whom I have emailed, Facebook messaged, written or called with some kind of question -and you got back to me with some kind of follow up question or even a brilliant answer and I never got(…)

Getting Our Feet Wet

Getting Our Feet Wet {16}

The truth is that our feet stayed dry. By the end of the evening our hands, arms, and sleeves were dampened but the feet were fine. After much prodding from my in-laws (i think the first time they mentioned the aquarium-as-Christmas-gift was probably two years ago) I gave in and my kids are now the(…)

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