Back to School? {and progress in the dining room}{13}

It’s a School Night??!!

Okay.  So tomorrow isn’t really the first day of school for us.  My kids don’t start until 9/9.  But we do have to go to school.  For an hour.  It’s an orientation for my son who is starting Middle School.  What??!!

Please, if you can, excuse all of the italics.  I’m feeling a little. . . exaggerated.  

I am sure there are countless bloggers out there this week, ruminating on going back to school and the end of summer.  I am joining right in tonight.  Summer vacation is over folks.   Am I ready for this??

I think at this point that I’m supposed to be all fed up with my kids and wanting to send them back.  I’m supposed to be longing for my days at home – with time to do projects and housework and laundry and cooking and. . . wait. . .

The truth is that I am a little fed up with my kids – but only because they’ve kind of been at each other’s throats bickering a little bit.  In their defense, there are only the two of them and they have spent A LOT of time together over the last 12 weeks.  They are both totally psyched to be going back to school next week.

Totally.  Psyched.

Me?  I’m not.

I’m not at all ready for summer to be over.  And this is different from last year.  Last year, I felt like summer hadn’t really ended and I wasn’t ready to let it go – even though every one else was out buying #2 pencils and skinny jeans,  I was out back making homemade frozen yogurt and taking pictures of my kids eating watermelon in the sun.  This year I fully realize that Summer is Over. . . and I just wish it weren’t.

Do you remember our Summer Bucket List? I’m going to do a report soon and let you know what we managed to check off.  I have to head into the back bedroom to find that list though – it IS up on the wall but it got moved when we tore the house apart for the current, ongoing project.  So, I’m not exactly sure how many things got checked off – but we do still have another week. . .

I do know that I want to make more of my lemonade.  Yes.  I definitely want to make at least one more batch.  I went to the Drive In twice, but I want to go again.  I want to spend another week at the ocean.  And maybe a week at a lake.  I want to stay up late and sleep in and eat tomatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I want to have more cousins over for swimming and pizza.  I want it to be hot.  And humid.  I want to wear a bathing suit.  Everyday.  I want to have sandy ankles at dinnertime.  I want to read long silly novels for hours on end.  I want to do all of that with my kids.  Even if they do bicker.  A little.

Sigh. . .

If you’ve been following along lately, you know that the house is a little torn up.  But I’m making progress! Oh, yes!  Here you go. Another side by side of the dining room!

I think I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

You are impressed, right?!

I knew you would be!  I’m impressed and I had to see it every step of the way!  You got to see the full whammy – who doesn’t love a good Before & After??

I don’t really need pats on the back from my readers – (who am I kidding?  why the heck else would I be posting these pictures??) but now I can show you what’s been sitting in the middle of the table that whole time.  I’ll bet you didn’t even know it was there.  I got this vintage red coated wire basket on eBay a few weeks ago – and now I can enjoy it again!

What do you think?  About summer. . . the dining room. . . kids back in school. . .

Oh!  There is another 518 sign – that number keeps turning up – this one was a recent gift from Mr. Social Media.


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