Barn Sale!{9}

So.  I’m here with you again on a Friday.  I know that some of you didn’t get to see last week’s post until Saturday – there was a glitch with the mailing and it went out a day late.  I’m sure I’ll be posting more often soon – things have been pretty hectic since school started.  For now, are you getting used to hearing from me on Fridays?

The majority of this week was supposed to be spent getting ready for the Barn Sale we are having this weekend.  Instead it has unexpectedly been spent, driving, driving, driving, shopping, driving, waiting, driving, sleeping, driving and driving.

It’s a good thing I don’t hate driving.

my swagger wagon?

I’ve posted a few pictures over on Facebook of some of the items that we’ll be selling.  One of the readers over there said, “Oh, a Barn Sale!  I’ve never been to one of those!”  I keep telling people – don’t get too excited – it’s really just like a garage sale – except we are holding it out in front of the barn.

Over the last few months I’ve been gripped with the need to divest myself of some of our “stuff”.  Our house is a pretty decent size but we have VERY  limited storage inside the house.  I’ve decided that the things that we don’t ever use just need to go.  A good deal of it is inherited from family but I think if it doesn’t bring you joy – then you should not keep it.  Does that sound underly-sentimental?  I can assure you that I am an intensely sentimental kind of person.  I think that’s why I’ve kept so much for so long.  But I need the room to breathe.  I need for there to be places to put things away.  Right now, I’m always struggling to find a spot (in the very limited storage places) to put things – because the storage places are already full of things that we don’t use.  So.  One Barn Sale.  Comin’ up!  And don’t worry, there are some items from each both of our families – that I would never part with.  

my very first piece of enamelware - given to me by my mother - from her collection

The Barn Sale starts tomorrow.  I’ve still got a TON of work to do today so I’m signing off and getting back to it!

Have you ever had a Barn/Garage/Yard Sale?  Any last minute advice for me?  I’m sure I could use it!!  Lay it on me!

If you’s like to follow along with me today while I finish getting ready you can follow along on Facebook  or at #breidawithabarnsale over on Instagram .

See you next week!!


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