Bingo Bunting {would you like one?}{8}

Hello Everyone!  How about if I ignore the fact that it’s been a while since I’ve brought you a new blog post and jump right in to show you one of the things that I’ve been up to?  You good with that?
Me, too.

Well, the first full week of school is coming to an end and I can’t believe how fast it went by.  The kids are out of the house during the day and I’ve really managed to be kind of productive.  Amazing!  A good feeling – but I can’t believe it’s Friday again already.

So – I’ve been working on two separate pieces of furniture this week – one is going SO WELL that it almost makes up for the other one which is giving me fits.  I’m not giving up on it though.  Sometimes there is an ugly phase in a furniture makeover, right?  And then in the end it comes out looking like a million bucks.
I’ll share both of those pieces when they’re finished.

Here is what is what I made yesterday.  It’s a rarity when a project goes from start to finish and gets photographed all in one day – but this one was a really easy and fun.

Bingo Bunting full front final

(would you like to read the story about how we found this chalkboard in a secret room in our house??)

When I went to The Lucketts Spring Market back in May I really didn’t buy very much at all – I’m kind of in a spending freeze.  Believe me – it’s NOT because I didn’t see a million things that I wanted to have!  Even so, I couldn’t pass up a nice fat stack of these bingo cards…

Bingo Cards final

They were actually in a big box marked $10 and there were thousands of them.  I asked if I could buy a handful for a couple bucks…  I love things with letters and numbers, I love the vintage-y coloring to the paper, I love the black of the typography… I just love them.  Took me this long to get around to making them into something.

I used some clear contact paper (awesome stuff) to laminate each card (they’re not card stock – they’re super thin paper) and then I strung them together on black waxed twine.  It came out exactly how I’d pictured it in my mind!

You could use the clear contact paper to laminate just about any image you wanted to print out – and make your own bunting – or you could pop over to my


and order one directly from me!  I’d love to make one up for you!  Generally, there are 7 cards per strand – but I can certainly make them any length.

These photos were taken in my kitchen – and I think that one will have to stay – I love it!  Hope you do, too.

Here’s a little sneak at the next project that I’m working on – I bought a whooole bunch of these vintage plates from my neighbor the other day
(he’s got a bazillion of them)
I’m going to make all kinds of things – the first one is already done.  I’ll show you soon…

PLATES final


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