It Was 50 Years Ago Today

It Was 50 Years Ago Today {27}

Look.  I don’t want to go all Little House on the Prairie on you – wait – that’s a lie – I always want to go all Little House on the Prairie.  I have a story to tell. One day, when I was getting ready for school in the morning, my mother approached me with a(…)

Monday is Recycling Day

Monday is Recycling Day {8}

It’s still raining today.  That’s only for informational purposes – not for complaining purposes.  I don’t complain about the weather.  It’s such a waste of time.  And I already have so many things to waste my time on. . .   I really don’t mind the rain – if it had stayed (or if it(…)

Sunday Rainy Sunday

Sunday Rainy Sunday {11}

Our house is old.  Really old.  I mean, it’s not as old as the ones on Huguenot Street, but I think one-hundred-sixty-two years qualifies as old.  If I look closely enough I can see evidence of time all over the house and the property as well.  I’ve said before that I enjoy the feeling of history(…)

She Thought She Could

She Thought She Could {9}

You’ve maybe seen this quote around?  You’ve heard it and felt it’s positive message?  The other day I made a sign with this quote on it and put it up in my kitchen.  Today I realized that it is much more descriptive of my 7 year old daughter than of myself. My son asks a(…)

Spring Sunday and The Secret Keeper

Spring Sunday and The Secret Keeper {2}

The day is far too beautiful to sit inside at the computer so I won’t stay long.  It’s been a week since my Easter post and the last 7 days have brought more changes to my yard than I would have thought.  The biggest change is that I mowed the lawn for the first time(…)

Peas, Peat, and Llama Beans?

Peas, Peat, and Llama Beans? {12}

Okay- I don’t really have any llama beans.  You can get Llama Beans at Wunsapana Farm in Altamont, NY – and at several local retail garden centers near there.  I’m not making typos here.  I don’t mean lima beans.  No.  Llama Beans are the nicely packaged waste product of Teri’s llamas and from what I hear,(…)

Llama Love. . .

Llama Love. . . {7}

Last week, while staying with my Aunt Kathie, I had the chance to visit Wunsapana Farm in Altamont, New York.  Please click the link and read about the farm in detail.  You won’t regret it.  I’m so happy to be able to share a little bit of our experience with you here.  Frankly, Mr. Social(…)

Fruitful Friday

Fruitful Friday {14}

I’m introducing a new feature here on the blog.  Fruitful Friday?  Yes.  I know that’s a terrible name.  However, I decided not to get all hung up on what to call the feature and just make it happen anyway.  Feel free to suggest a different name.  I like the Friday part but I’m not married(…)

No Idle Hands Over Here. . .

No Idle Hands Over Here. . . {6}

I picked up a knitting project this week.  I knew I would have some free time on Friday while the rest of my family was hitting the slopes at Catamount.  I do not ski.  I spend the day in the lodge.  When I say “spend the day in the lodge” do you get a mental(…)

My Apologies

My Apologies {12}

I need to apologize for a couple of different things here. First, if you are one of the people whom I have emailed, Facebook messaged, written or called with some kind of question -and you got back to me with some kind of follow up question or even a brilliant answer and I never got(…)

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