Pinspired and Produced #9 AND The Great Giveaways!!

Pinspired and Produced #9 AND The Great Giveaways!! {47}

It is Friday once again!  Time for the regular Friday feature.  I make something and then I show it to you… only THIS week, I made something and I’m going to GIVE it to you!! Before I left for my trip to the annual Lucketts Spring Market, I promised that I would bring home presents.(…)

Lucketts Wrap Up (Part One)

Lucketts Wrap Up (Part One) {15}

Have I told you before that I love old stuff?  Yes?       Oh. Can I tell you about it some more? I promised that I would show you all of the things that I bought for myself on my trip to the Annual Spring Market at The Old Lucketts Store and I will.(…)

Pure Prepared Mustard (Seed)

Pure Prepared Mustard (Seed) {42}

So many of you have come over from Miss Mustard Seed in the last few days.  Literally hundreds of you have made the choice to click through from Marian’s site to mine and I’m so glad to “meet” all of you.  Going on this trip and meeting Marian is not the kind of thing I(…)

The View From Over Here

The View From Over Here {27}

Yesterday, my birthday, I spent nearly the entire day in the car.  Driving.  Alone.  I think you all know, at this point what my destination was.  Quite a bit of planning went into making this trip happen.  It’s not very often that this mom of two hits the road and leaves her family to fend(…)

Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood?

Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood? {19}

When I started my vegetable garden I was initially very excited and then very frustrated.  The excitement came from the vision in my mind of how I wanted the garden to look and all that I wanted it to be.  The frustration came because I very quickly realized that I was facing a mountain of(…)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! {2}

But everyday is Mother’s Day, right? Tell your mom you love her. Bring her flowers and treat her well. EVERYDAY

Road Trip!

Road Trip! {16}

Well, it’s official.  I’m making a road trip!  I just got off the phone with the reservations desk for a hotel in Leesburg, Virginia where I plan to visit The Old Lucketts Store for their annual Spring Market!  I’m so excited.  This is a two day event showcasing some of my favorite antiques dealers and some(…)

It’s a Beautiful Day

It’s a Beautiful Day {10}

It is another beautiful Sunday here in the Hudson Valley.  The cold and rainy weather earlier this week makes it all the more welcome.  I’m itching to get outside and get on my mower.  The grass really took off this week with the rainfall. I worked late last night and then again this morning and(…)

It Was 50 Years Ago Today

It Was 50 Years Ago Today {27}

Look.  I don’t want to go all Little House on the Prairie on you – wait – that’s a lie – I always want to go all Little House on the Prairie.  I have a story to tell. One day, when I was getting ready for school in the morning, my mother approached me with a(…)

Sunday Rainy Sunday

Sunday Rainy Sunday {11}

Our house is old.  Really old.  I mean, it’s not as old as the ones on Huguenot Street, but I think one-hundred-sixty-two years qualifies as old.  If I look closely enough I can see evidence of time all over the house and the property as well.  I’ve said before that I enjoy the feeling of history(…)

7 to 14 Days. . .

7 to 14 Days. . . {2}

Just when I was beginning to despair. . . Just yesterday morning I went back and looked at the package.  When will they come up?  I think they might not come up.  Maybe the seeds were bad or too old or there wasn’t enough rain. . .  They didn’t come up in 7 days or(…)

She Thought She Could

She Thought She Could {9}

You’ve maybe seen this quote around?  You’ve heard it and felt it’s positive message?  The other day I made a sign with this quote on it and put it up in my kitchen.  Today I realized that it is much more descriptive of my 7 year old daughter than of myself. My son asks a(…)

This Little Love of Mine

This Little Love of Mine {19}

I’ve been married to Mr. Social Media for almost twelve years but I’ve been in love with him for almost twenty.  T w e n t y.  Okay, eighteen and a half.  But still – it’s a long time that we’ve been knowing each other.  Did I ever tell you that we actually grew up(…)

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