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Farmhouse Bathroom REVEAL! {finally!!}

Farmhouse Bathroom REVEAL! {finally!!} {115}

Yes!  Finally!  I know.  It’s been a long time coming.  The bathroom has actually been finished for quite a while but I was struggling with some silly perfectionism about finding just the right thing to put on the last wall and then I was struggling with getting the final photos to look the way I(…)

Once More to the Studs {Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation} DURING

Once More to the Studs {Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation} DURING {11}

Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation {before  –  DURING  –  after} I ended the first post in this mini series, the BEFORE section of the Farmhouse Bathroom renovation, by saying that everything in that bathroom had to go.  In truth, we did decide to keep one of the main features.  The shower stall in the corner is in perfectly(…)

What’s My Hurry?  {enjoy each day as it comes}

What’s My Hurry? {enjoy each day as it comes} {22}

The other day when I asked (on Facebook) if I should replace my current chalk wall design with a Thanksgiving theme or just go right ahead and do Christmas, the response was unanimous. I really thought that someone, would be all enthusiastic for the more wintery of the two Holidays.  I expected at least a(…)

I’m Not a Mantle But I Play One in the Hallway

I’m Not a Mantle But I Play One in the Hallway {27}

So the Fall decorating continues. As I travel through my first year as a blogger, I am a little amazed at all of the creativity that I see.  I find it fascinating that we are all doing a similar thing (decorating for a season or a Holiday), but each of us is doing something just(…)

Where Does the Time Go? {on blogging for half a year}

Where Does the Time Go? {on blogging for half a year} {19}

So, not only did the first week of September see the unofficial end of summer, Mr. Social Media’s birthday, the first day of school, the continuation of on-going bathroom(s) renovation(s) , and a trip to the emergency room, it also marked my sixth month as a blogging machine.  For six months now I’ve been banging(…)

Practical Beauty. . . {ASCP painted bench makeover}

Practical Beauty. . . {ASCP painted bench makeover} {37}

I DID say that there was a possibility that I owed you more than one project this week.  This project initially went up at The Ironstone Nest while I was away at the Haven Conference.  It sounds like Laura’s family is chugging along with their new addition – Congratulations to them on the birth of(…)



Congratulations are in order for Debra from Bungalow, she has won the MissMustard Seed T-shirt and clay tag! And more congratulations go to Judi!  She will be getting one of my original chalk tags. Judi, if you leave me a comment before tomorrow – you may choose which of these three pieces you would like.  The(…)

Pinspired and Produced #9 AND The Great Giveaways!!

Pinspired and Produced #9 AND The Great Giveaways!! {47}

It is Friday once again!  Time for the regular Friday feature.  I make something and then I show it to you… only THIS week, I made something and I’m going to GIVE it to you!! Before I left for my trip to the annual Lucketts Spring Market, I promised that I would bring home presents.(…)

An Open Invitation (but not really. . .)

An Open Invitation (but not really. . .) {6}

So.  I’m getting ready.  For what?  Well, I have already mentioned my road trip to visit the Old Lucketts Store (I’m torn here – on their website there is no apostrophe. . .).  Next weekend (May 19&20) is their annual Spring Market.  It’s a huge extravaganza of antiques and “stuff” from over 170 vendors and(…)

Mother’s Day Craft Tutorial

Mother’s Day Craft Tutorial {0}

I realize that most of my audience here are the moms them selves.  Do the moms really need a simple craft idea for Mother’s Day?  Well, moms have moms, too.  And I have found that sometimes, only sometimes, the dads and the kids?  They could use some. . . guidance.  This simple idea is also very versatile.(…)

One Small Goal Achieved!

One Small Goal Achieved! {9}

If you’d like to see how these beautiful erasable chalk tags were made and see some lovely pictures of the finished product, please click through to see my first guest post over at Days of Chalk & Chocolate.  If you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning you will already know that being asked to(…)

It’s a Beautiful Day

It’s a Beautiful Day {10}

It is another beautiful Sunday here in the Hudson Valley.  The cold and rainy weather earlier this week makes it all the more welcome.  I’m itching to get outside and get on my mower.  The grass really took off this week with the rainfall. I worked late last night and then again this morning and(…)

Monday is Recycling Day

Monday is Recycling Day {8}

It’s still raining today.  That’s only for informational purposes – not for complaining purposes.  I don’t complain about the weather.  It’s such a waste of time.  And I already have so many things to waste my time on. . .   I really don’t mind the rain – if it had stayed (or if it(…)

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