Happy New Year

Happy New Year {19}

Well, hello there. How is 2014 finding you so far?  As I wrote that I realized that I’ll need to do a little something with the chalkboard wall in my kitchen.  It’s so…. 2013,  ya know? We had a very nice (and relatively quiet) Christmas here – and I’m sorry that I didn’t bring you(…)

Back to School? {and progress in the dining room}

Back to School? {and progress in the dining room} {13}

It’s a School Night??!! Okay.  So tomorrow isn’t really the first day of school for us.  My kids don’t start until 9/9.  But we do have to go to school.  For an hour.  It’s an orientation for my son who is starting Middle School.  What??!! Please, if you can, excuse all of the italics.  I’m(…)

Picking My Own House

Picking My Own House {23}

As you know from my last post, we are in the midst of some changes around here – changes of the paint color variety.  Remember? I shared a very embarrassing photo of the state of my dining room. . .?  If I showed you another photo of the dining room – so that you could compare(…)

We Prepare and then We Wait {pre Hurricane Sandy}

We Prepare and then We Wait {pre Hurricane Sandy} {21}

It’s late.  I mean, I guess it’s not any later than it usually is when I’m writing a blog post but, you know, it’s well past midnight. We (Mr. Social Media and I) spent the day today getting ready.  I think we are just about as ready as we can be.  I suppose  – if(…)

Lucketts Wrap Up (part two)

Lucketts Wrap Up (part two) {10}

Okay, folks.  Tomorrow we move on back to regularly scheduled programming.  My trip to the Lucketts Spring Market was all that I thought it could be and so much more.  I’ve written about all I have to say on what I did and saw while I was there.  Here are a whole lot more photos(…)

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