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Easy DIY Table Top Christmas Display

Easy DIY Table Top Christmas Display

Easy DIY Table Top Christmas Display

The most wonderful time of the year is here again and the Junkers Unite Pinning Team have gotten together once again to bring you enough Junk projects to knock you needles off!  (I didn’t make that up, I stole that from the Junk Queen herself!)

I love Christmas. Do you love Christmas?  I have to admit that I don’t really do that much seasonal decorating at my house for the rest of the year but for this season?  I go all out!  This is the time of year that I enjoy my house the most.  Christmas lights, everywhere!  Greenery, trees (lots of them), Christmas music, and the scents of the season coming from my kitchen!  My kids started singing carols in August… and while I do find that a little extreme, I can’t say I blame them.  Christmas is fun.  It’s beautiful.  I’m so glad you’re taking a little time to celebrate with me and the other Junkers today!


You might know that I’ve made a similar wire basket in the past, but this project is much more ambitious.  I love the combination of real old wood and galvanized metal and this project has both.  I took the thick pine board that makes the base of this project from the attic in my old farmhouse and I love the subtle almost rustic look it lends to the industrial wire.  If you’re short on ancient floor boards though – I think this would look even better with the contrast of a painted board in the base of the basket.  You could use any old board out of your garage or even buy one at a home improvement store.  Here’s a closer look at the elements I used to make mine.  Basically, hardware cloth and wood…

Easy DIY Christmas Table Top Display

board final

As I said, this board came from my attic and if you’ve ever seen any of my posts that include photos of my kitchen floor, you might be interested to know that this is exactly the same sort of board.  This piece is 42 inches long and 11 inches wide.  We have used pieces of attic flooring (we are really lucky to have it) to repair damage done over the years to our main floor.  I let the dimensions of this remnant determine how big my project would be.  I even had to yank out an old square cut nail in order to use the board…

Easy DIY Christmas Table Top Display

Easy DIY Christmas Table Top Display

That’s the real deal, right there.  I love the history in this house.

That is also the nail that ended up in my butter dish on Thanksgiving Day.

See?  If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, you get to see stuff like that!

I was originally inspired to make my own wire basket by Amy at Four Corners Design.  You can find a great tutorial with all the particulars on how to make the basket there.   I already had the basic idea down – and I just laid the wood onto a rectangular sheet of hardware cloth and made decisions about how high up the sides of the basket would go.  As you can see in the photo above, I just folded the sides along the board.

*When it came time to cut out the corners of my rectangle – to make the joined edges of the “box” – I got a little confused about how it should be done.  My solution was to grab a sheet of printer paper – also a rectangle – and pretend that it was my hardware cloth.  I practiced by cutting the paper so that I wouldn’t mess up my real material.  I had just about exactly the right amount of hardware cloth on hand to do this project and I didn’t want to go out and get any more!   My practice paper rectangle made everything quite clear.  I would suggest giving it a shot!

*When you’re cutting your hardware cloth – be sure that your top edge looks like the photo on the left.  You must leave the ends sticking up – so that you can curl them down and render them harmless.  They’re pretty sharp but rolling them over with a pair of needle nose pliers makes them safe and attractive.

Once you’ve got your basic wire basket built you can decorate it any way you like!  I filled mine with a set of electric candles, cut pine boughs, and pine cones.  I decorated the front with one of my very favorite Christmas extras – strung cranberries .  The centerpiece is a disc from a cookie press that belonged to Mr. Social Media’s grandmother.  I’ve never used it and recently considered getting rid of it… but these discs (in all different designs are really cool!)

 By the way – the addition of the heavy board in the bottom of this table top display piece is the only way I could get away with making it so big.  My only issue when making these in the past is that that I couldn’t get them to sit – quite – exactly – square.  One corner or another would always pop up just a little.  Without the wood this basket would be really floppy.  But – with the board in the bottom – it sits absolutely perfectly!

Okay!  Too much talking!  More pretty pictures!!

Easy DIY Table Top Christmas Display

Easy DIY Table Top Christmas Display

Easy DIY Table Top Christmas Display

Easy DIY Christmas Table Top Display

I hope you’ve enjoyed this very first look at the Christmas decorating at my house.  This is just one of many projects I’ve been working on.  I’ve got a LOT of Christmas to share with you this year.  I hope you’ll follow along with me!  And don’t forget to visit the rest of the Junkers United Pinning Team!  We’ve all got projects to show you – and you’ll want to visit the incredible Christmas Pin Board we’ve all helped to create!

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Now – I hope you’ve got just a bit more time today because there is even more to see!  Today happens to be Day 2 of one of the best 12 days of Christmas Events around.  And all of the 12 Dayers are bringing you a JUNK PROJECT today!

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And now, FINALLY!  I’d love it if you’d link up YOUR favorite Christmas projects!  3 per person please – We are all sharing the link party – and we will all be Pinning your best to the Junkers United Pin Board!


~ Christmas Junkers United ~
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