Getting Our Feet Wet{16}

The truth is that our feet stayed dry. By the end of the evening our hands, arms, and sleeves were dampened but the feet were fine.

After much prodding from my in-laws (i think the first time they mentioned the aquarium-as-Christmas-gift was probably two years ago) I gave in and my kids are now the proud owners of three fish: two guppies, and one Black Balloon Bellied Molly. There will be more fish – but it was suggested by the nice lady in PetSmart that we move slowly. That’s fine with me. Really. It’s fine. We arranged plastic plants, placed the pirate ship, disguised the heater as a grove of fishly delight. . . and we’re off to a nice, wet start.

Why would I resist the addition of an aquarium to the household? Didn’t I have one when I was a kid (and again in college) and didn’t I thoroughly enjoy gazing at the swimmers making their way calmly through a clean, well lighted place? I did. It’s another chore for me. Another responsibility. Who will take care of these fish? I will. The mother’s lament. Seriously though, it’ s not that much of a chore.

The truth is I’m just opposed to change. I think rigid might be the word that some people would use. Rigid? Unbending? Stubborn? I think that this is not one of my better traits. I’ve always kind of bragged about how stubborn I am. I think I need to let that go. I think it might be hard.

It has become pretty obvious to me lately that when I force myself to bend on some of these things (there IS an aquarium in the play room) my kids are just so delighted. And that is. . . well, delightful.

So, I’m getting my feet wet. There is an aquarium. [ I also said “yes” to a video game system for the kids (but that is a topic for another post )] And I am writing my very first blog post. Who knows what changes will take place? What will I say ‘yes’ to next?

Change is good. Right?

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