A Green Milk Painted Dresser {pretty close to perfect}{27}

Did you read my last post?  I was actually sitting down to write this post, about this fantastic green dresser and I was trying to think up a title when that phrase just popped into my head  – it’s the phrase that always pops into my head whenever I see a painted piece of furniture online – because I know I’m going to see some variation(s) of it in any comment thread…and it makes me t i r e d.

This dresser doesn’t make me tired, though! I LOVE this dresser! DON’T YOU??!! I know “chippy” isn’t for everyone – but if you do like chippy…you’re going to swoon for this piece!

Front view final

In this case I was the beneficiary of someone else’s good intentions.  My Aunt bought this dresser with the idea that she would turn it into a vanity in her bathroom.  I’m not sure how long it sat in her barn (before getting transferred to my barn) but last summer she decided that I could have it.  It really would have made an excellent vanity… although now that I’m looking at it – I wonder if it might have been a little too high.  I know lots of folks have done that project…I wonder if they have to adjust the height of the piece…

Okay -how about some “before” shots?  Want to see what it looked like when I got it?

MIss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Makeover

There it is in my Aunt’s driveway… and strangely – there are TWO knobs on the top drawers.  I could have SWORN that there was only one!  Well, one must have gotten lost at SOME point because I stole the OTHER one for a lingerie cabinet that needed just one knob.  Really, I’m flabbergasted.  I am only seeing this now that I’ve dug up this picture… The mysteries of life…

Okay – moving on.

The dresser was solid and very well made, but had been through some tough times.  The drawers were pretty sticky, the top surface was a mess, and the fronts of the drawers were kinda…crusty.

MIss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Makeover

Here is a closeup of the top – that’s what happens when you leave a dresser scarf on the dresser for…a few years at a time.

I refinished the top and sanded down the drawer fronts before I moved on to painting.  I used a first coat of Boxwood Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint and a second coat of Lucketts Green. I am thrilled with the way it came out – even though I didn’t get exactly the effect I was shooting for.  The chippy-ness is just right but I’m still trying to figure out a way to get the top layer of paint to chip – and have the bottom layer show through.

Everyone needs a goal.

MIss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Makeover

Sometimes I go for the chipping – and sometimes I don’t.  That decision is pretty much based on what the surface underneath looks like.  I happen to LOVE the dark wood showing through – so when I have a piece that starts out dark like this one – I go for it.

MIss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Makeover

MIss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Makeover

If you’d like to hear a few more details on the paint techniques – I’ll go into it a bit more when I write up this piece for the Miss Mustard Seed Paint Blog.  When that post is live – I’ll add the link in here.

You know what else I painted with MMSMP?

MIss Mustard Seed Milk Paint Makeover

Yeah – that sign…. can you guess what that piece of wood used to be?

Tell me what you think of the green dresser – and look for a post about the sign coming up, too!

Don’t forget – the dresser (and the sign too – soon) is available in my ETSY shop.  You’ll see the shop in the right sidebar of this post.

see you round the mulberry bush!


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