Happy New Year{19}

Well, hello there.

How is 2014 finding you so far?  As I wrote that I realized that I’ll need to do a little something with the chalkboard wall in my kitchen.  It’s so…. 2013,  ya know?

chalkboard wall

We had a very nice (and relatively quiet) Christmas here – and I’m sorry that I didn’t bring you more posts about how I decorated and what all I did.  Someday…someday(!!) I will learn that no matter what kind of plans I have in my head, things will always go a bit differently.  And someday, maybe that won’t derail me quite so much.  I’m always telling my daughter that she has to learn to “roll with the punches”  and while I’m pretty good at that – on the surface – my mind still seems to get all tangled up.  I can do all of the right things – but it’s way harder to feel all of the right feelings.  Does that make any sense to anyone?

If I were the kind of person who makes New Year’s resolutions (and I’m not) I might resolve to be braver in 2014.

So – it’s time to un-decorate the house.  I know some of you get it all undecorated on the 26th… I even saw several posts on Facebook of people saying they had their tree down and put away by the night of the 25th!  When my mother was a girl, Santa came and put up the tree and arranged the (unwrapped!) presents underneath it on Christmas Eve!  I admit, I enjoy the “before Christmas” part of the decorated house more than the “after Christmas” portion, but I can’t imagine putting it all away before January 1st.  I usually have it all packed away by mid January…it doesn’t all come out in one day and it doesn’t all get put away in one day either.  I wish I could pack it all away in one day – because it always makes me feel a bit blue…  And I loved this year’s decorations.  My goal for decorating this year was to do it without spending a single dime – and I came really close.  I’d say I spent less than $20.  I used what I had (and I have lots) in new ways – and the house looked great.

I’m looking forward to getting into another house project.  Painting the kitchen (yes, i know I haven’t shown you yet) made such a huge impact on the house – and I really enjoyed doing it.  I’m going to make a to-do list and pick another fun project like that.  I’d also like to tackle some of the not-so-fun projects.  Pretty much ALL of the cabinets/drawers/hutches in this house need a serious decluttering.  Right now, if it’s got a door that can be shut, you can rest assured that there is a mess behind it.  The pantry and the closet where we keep our dishes got done during the kitchen painting project – but there are many, many more spaces to go.  It’s not glamorous – it doesn’t make for great blog posts – but it’s got to be done.

Are you in a decluttering mood as we start 2014?  I think I will be.  As soon as I get Christmas 2013 wrangled back up into the attic.

many garlands final


hallway final


apple garland on chair final


candy canes final

upstairs final

lights 1 final


lights 2  final


ps. i know there are not many beautiful pictures in this post.  these are, however, the things that are on my mind this morning.  i’d like to make an effort to be a little more “real” here on the blog – and that might mean that things are a little different.  let’s see how it goes…

happy new year, everyone!


pps.  does anyone else get a little blue from taking down all the pretty Christmas decorations?

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