Heaps of Change {move those heaps! week 2}{34}



More heaps!

What?  You thought I might not have any more heaps?  Ha!

Trust me…my heaps are vast and limitless.

Last week I showed you my pantry reorganization complete with before and after shots and I know some of you thought that the “before” shots really weren’t that bad.  Well, the truth is that the pantry reorganization was just a secondary result of this week’s project – which is the one I actually started with.  This week’s project required a whole lot more work (including painting) and I couldn’t quite get it finished in time for last week’s deadline.  Just know that a bunch of the items that ended up in the super neat pantry came out of this week’s heap.  

And without further ado
(i’m actually kind of embarrassed about this one, folks.  please, be kind.)
This week’s Heap of Change…

heaps of change

Okay – everyone just pick your jaws up off the floor and let’s just move along.

If I had taken a few steps back for this shot you would be able to tell that it’s in my kitchen.  You might be asking yourself if this is a closet or a set of shelves or who knows what.  Well, it’s actually the “servants stair”.  It goes up (very steeply) from the kitchen to the maid’s room above.  And since we opted for kids instead of servants, it’s actually my son’s room.

There IS a door that can be closed (and almost always is) in front of this disaster, but the truth is that I am in there several times a day getting things that we use regularly.  Those plastic plates that you can see at the front?  Those are the ones my kids always grab for breakfast.  That white pod shaped thing?  It’s my rice cooker and I use it about twice a week.   It’s a dumb place to keep things – except that it’s very conveniently located.

Well, over the last couple of years, it just got more and more full…

Before 3 FINAL

and more full…

Before 4 FINAL

That’s a trap door that you can see up there.  It makes part of the floor in my son’s room.  There isn’t even any light in there…

Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Out of hand.  That’s what that is.  Out.  Of.  Hand.

To begin with, I had to clear it all out.

Before 5 FINAL

Before 6 FINAL

Better already, right?

You can see I had already gotten out my can of white primer and started covering up that awful burgundy paint (my husband loves that color-yuck!).

Wait – you do realize that this kind of a project can sometimes cause some… slight messiness? to happen in other areas of your house?

Moving all of that stuff out of the stairwell turned this:

Clean Kitchen FINAL

into THIS:
(in the space of about an hour)

Clean Kitchen 3 FIANL

don’t worry – I’ve already taken care of all of that – that’s not next week’s project or anything!

Back to the stairs!

Even with just one coat of primer I could start to see how great this was going to turn out…

During 2 FINAL

It ended up taking 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint to cover that dark paint.  It was a lot of work.  It seems like a small area but standing on those stairs is pretty much like standing on a ladder.  Not comfy.

Want to see how it came out?

After Beauty FINAL

That just makes me breathe a sigh of relief.


After 2 FINAL

How do you feel about that vintage painted wooden arrow sign my husband gave me for Christmas?
(he’s a good guy)

After 4 FINAL!

Right now I’m just enjoying the blank empty whiteness of this space.  Because of the extremely limited storage in our kitchen (we have ONE drawer and few enough cabinets that our dishes live in the closet in the dining room) I will likely end up using this space for something…useful.   I could really use a place to put all of our pots and pans.  At the moment they all live inside the oven.  That works until you want to USE the oven and then there is a mess of pans out on the counter the whole time you’re cooking.
For the moment though, I don’t need to keep the door shut – but it looks good this way too.   Chair FINAL

I can keep the door open all the time and just gaze at the loveliness.
And thank Donna for starting this whole Heap of Change thing in the first place!

Just like last week there are other Heap of Change coaches for you to follow and link up with.  Let’s see what everyone else has been up to!

This week we have:

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And YOU can link up, too!  We really want to see what Heap you’re tackling.  I saw some fantastic transformations in last week’s link up!


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