Hitting the Road Again {beekman boys, garden party, good times}{8}

UPDATE: 6/1/13 7:30pm

I’ve taken tons of GREAT photos of the Mercantile, The Beekman House, barns, goats, the crypt, and THE PUPPY!!  Come back here to the blog for all the beauty shots in a day or two!!  Directions below for following along on Facebook – lots of great shots to be posted tonight (after we eat some dinner!)

On Saturday morning, Mr. Social Media and I will head out for a weekend away!  We are off to an event I’ve been waiting on for months.

When I originally bought the tickets for this event, I thought we would just be going up and having a tour of the Beekman Farm and gardens.  I honestly didn’t realize what a big shindig is actually going on up there!

The whole TOWN is having a party!

In addition to the  farm tour, and all of  the wonderful merchants throughout Sharon Springs, we will be joining over 100 local craftspeople, artists, farmers and food purveyors from all over the Mohawk Valley and greater New York State.

From what I understand, the Beekman Boys are having the Grand Opening of their new Mercantile this weekend!  I’ve seen a few sneak peeks and I am so excited to see it in person!
(too many exclamation points?)

I would LOVE it if we could all go on this trip together. . . but I can provide the next best thing for those of you who can’t come along.  I’ll be sharing photos and updates on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all weekend as I go.  And then I’ll tell you all about it with real blog posts when I get back.


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I hope you will!!

Do you think I can get my picture taken with Josh and Brent?  You know, The Fabulous Beekman Boys??
When you meet someone you admire do you get all shy about asking for a photo?  I do!
Wish me luck!!


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