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Warning: This post is a bit wordy but there is a GREAT and EMBARRASSING PICTURE to make up for all the wordiness. You know you want to see it. . . and there will be cake!

Okay. Remember last week when I told you that I was at the beach and that we had hired out the plaster repair and painting part of our latest renovation work? Do you remember the part where I said:

“If everything goes according to plan? It should all be finished by the time I get back later this week.”

Famous. Last. Words.
(seriously, someone should have just slapped me right then and there)

Alrighty then! No. The work is still not finished. We got back very late Wednesday night and we were faced with a total disaster area. I put one kid to bed in his own bed and the other one (who currently does not have a place to sleep) went to bed in my room. That is really the sum total of the rooms in the house which are not coated in compound sanding dust.

Midnight found me vacuuming and wiping down the surfaces in my lovely (and newly decorated) downstairs bathroom. I’m not sure why I felt like I had to do that before I went to bed. But I did. Maybe it was that lovely chocolate brown painted floor covered in all of that white dust. . . ugh.

So the guy who is doing the work was done working for the week on Wednesday. . . no, I don’t know why. Now it’s Sunday night. He’s coming back in the morning, and I’m leaving town again. Friday was my daughter’s birthday and though I thought we were coming back to a completed project and I would have Thursday to finish up my preparations for her birthday dinner, I would instead spend the entire day cleaning up compound dust – so that I could make a birthday dinner.

The. Entire. Day.

Does it sound like I’m whining? I guess I am. I’m getting a pretty big job done in my house and I’m not even having to do the bulk of the work myself. I should be feeling really grateful about that, I know. And I am. But. I’ve also come to understand something about large scale projects in my house and the inevitable chaos that comes with them. It gets me down. Now, I think that’s a little nuts – so it’s okay if you do, too. It’s temporary. I should just get over it. But now that I know that about myself, I think I will prepare for these projects a little differently. I’m not sure exactly how – but I’m going to work on that.

Upheaval. I don’t like it. Does anyone? Here is what upheaval looks like at my house. . . in my dining room. I swear it doesn’t always look like this.

there you go. i know how you love these ridiculous pictures that embarrass me. . .

There are. . . let me see. . . a total of FOUR rooms in the house that look like this right now. I’m NOT going to show you the rest of them.

So this is what I did to combat the chaos. While I was cleaning up all day on Thursday, I took out about 30 minutes to fancy up this little part of the kitchen.

That charging station is usually out in the hallway on top of a filing cabinet but the hallway has been emptied. Those signs and pictures on the shelf are all just leaned up there – temporary like. The shelf, and the floor and the everything else have been washed and wiped down and cleaned and scrubbed. I decorated the “mantel” there just to give myself a little respite from the chaos.

How do you feel about the Public Phone Sign? That really does live there. We got that at an auction a couple of years ago. It’s a favorite of mine. The fence sign is actually a framed piece of material – and we have a total of FORTY of them (another auction find)!! The rest are not framed and really need washing but they are SO cool.

no chaos here, right?

Okay – the cake!! I did promise you cake!! Pretty much the only reason that I cleaned like such a maniac was my daughter’s birthday. I asked her if she might like to go OUT for dinner and she cried. Some traditions cannot be broken. I make dinner. And I make cake. Here is her 9th birthday cake…

Phew! Traditions were upheld. Dinner and cake were cooked by me – in our own kitchen on the proper day. Tomorrow morning? We leave town again. But we won’t be gone long! Because, you know,

written by my Boy when he was about 5 . . .

See? See how I brought that back around to the title of the post? That’s been there for years. . .

Do you have any hints for living through the chaos of renovations? We have a lot more to do and I could use some suggestions for coping!!


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