It’s True. I Have Skeletons in My Closet. {okay, maybe they’re just coats in my shower}{14}

My house was built in a simpler time.

A time without closets.

Lots of things were simpler back in the 50’s, right?

That would be the 1850’s.

creative closet storage

A fence could be just as simple as gathering up all the rocks you find .  Simple.

creative closet storage

Running water on the second floor could be as simple as building a sink and running a pipe straight down into the cistern under the kitchen.  Simple.

creative closet storage

this pump is in the 1915 addition to the house - this room was my daughter's nursery for her first two years. . .

Storing all of your extra clothes would be really simple  – because you would only have like, two dresses and an apron.  Your “closet” would generally look like this.  Very simple.

creative closet storage

this trim board shows up in a few different places in the house. this one is in the kitchen. these square cut nails are great for hanging whatever needs to be hung. . .

And of course, that is where simple becomes complicated.  I can honestly say that no one in my family is a clothes horse but we do have, you know, clothes.   And it is getting pretty chilly here in the Northeast.  We also have coats.   So we should just put them in the coat closet, right?  Okay.  I’ll let you know as soon as I find one of those.  In the meantime, I’ll show you how I’m making do.

As a bonus – this is also another sneak peek at the recent downstairs bathroom renovation (which is now complete).  I promise, after Thanksgiving I will do a full post on the bathroom (a big reveal with Before & Afters and everything)!  After Thanksgiving I will be all about Christmas and bathrooms!!

The downstairs bathroom at our house could really be a half bath.  Just because of the quirkiness of the house it is actually located right off of our guest room – but coming from the main part of the house you actually go through the bathroom to get to the bedroom (which doubles as a play space for the kids).

creative closet storage

this picture is taken from the bathroom doorway - into the playroom. . . (this is also the downstairs portion of the 1915 addition - directly below the pump)

I say it could be a half bath but it has a shower, which makes it a 3/4 bath.  But no-one ever uses the shower (anymore).  Can you guess what’s in there? It’s not soap and shampoo.

creative closet storage

shower curtain shut. . .

creative closet storage

shower curtain open. . .

 It just didn’t make sense to me to remove the shower.  First of all, my coats were in there – and I don’t have ANYwhere else to put them.  Second, if someone should break a leg?  We still have bathing facilities on the first floor!

This is a very simple redo – I already had one shower curtain rod (that was for the shower when it was actually just a shower.  I went out and bought the second one at Lowes.  I wanted to get an “oil rubbed bronze” looking one, as all of the new hardware and fixtures in this bath are oil rubbed bronze, but they didn’t have one that was tiny enough.  This shower is really small.  Really.  And the white looks fine.  They are both just tension rods and they cost about 6 dollars each.  It was only a matter of a couple of minutes to twist them to the right size and put them up.  I used an extra long shower curtain – the added height makes it look a little less. . . “showery”.

creative closet storage

creative closet storage

creative closet storage

this rod sits on top of the "ledge" created by the fiberglass shower stall. that's how it can hold so may coats. . .

small space solutions

the bin holds our scarves and hats. the shower floor makes the the ultimate boot tray for the kids' messy snowboots. . .

From time to time, I have to remember to run some water down the drain in there.  A shower has a trap (u-shaped pipe) under the drain.  Water sits in this trap (it’s trapped in there, get it?) and keeps the sewer gasses from wafting up into the bathroom.  Don’t make that face.  That’s how it is in your shower, too.  If you’d like to use a shower as a closet – you’ll want to remember this.  Actually, it’s good to know even if you just have a shower that is rarely used – which my be more common.  If your shower (or sink) is never used, the water in the trap evaporates and. . . well, it stinks.  Bad.

We don’t use the guest room as a guest room very often.  I could, if I needed to, whisk these coats out of the way (I’d have to pile them on my bed – there are NO other closets to put them in) and the shower would be ready to go!  The truth is though, the newly remodeled upstairs bathroom (finished just this week!) has an amazing shower!  If there are guests – they will be showering up there, I’m sure.

And, yes, I’ll be showing that bathroom here on the blog as well.  I can’t wait!  After Thanksgiving!  Christmas and BATHROOMS!  I promise!

Do you live in an old house?  Or maybe just a small house?   Do you ever think outside of the box (or shower) for storage solutions?  I’d love to hear your suggestions!

Tell me about it!


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