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DIY Book Page Junk Frame - from breida at breidawithab.com

Just in case you’ve not been here before – I’m Breida and this is Breida with a b.  I live in a house that was built before the Civil War and I’ll choose old and distressed over shiny and new, every. single. time.  I’d love it if you’d subscribe to follow along with the blog!

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Junkers United Pinboard

HELLO, Everyone –   Have you noticed that things look a little different here today than they usually do?  It’s because…we are not alone!  I’ve gotten together with a few of my favorite Junking friends to bring you a slew  of brand new Junk inspired projects!   There is so much see and several new friends to meet in today’s post – you’ll want to stick around to the very end.  Make yourself comfortable and let me tell you about my own latest project first!
I bought this giant slab of wood at an estate sale about a year ago.  I can’t tell you the exact price because I just collected a big pile of stuff and I was charged $8 for the whole shebang.  If I had to guess, I’d say it cost me around 20 cents.  It’s been living on my back porch ever since.  (I did use it as a prop in this photo shoot last Fall)  It’s 3 feet tall and over 2 feet wide.
I’ve been wanting to do some book page projects for quite a while now – but honestly?  I’ve struggled with the concept of tearing up a book to do it.  I had a random old children’s book that was already in pieces and began by using that – but it just wasn’t personal enough to me.  I knew that this project had the potential to be something special (to me) and the random book just wasn’t cutting it…
I had to go for Little House on the Prairie.
In the interest of time I won’t get into how much these books mean to me.  I’ve mentioned them before, HERE and HERE.  But I will say that it took me about 3 days to decide whether or not I could use this book… and I own three copies of this particular one.  Both of my kids freaked out when they saw what I had done…but I’m okay with it (and I wasn’t sure I would be).
The idea behind this project is that everything except the book pages can be removed and changed to display just about any lovely object that deserves a little extra attention.  And you don’t have to have a giant HEAVY slab of salvaged wood to make this.  This project would come off equally well with any piece of scrap wood, or hard board, or even peg board,  with a good amount of surface area.  You could even paint it to go along with your own decor! The sky is the limit!
What defines Junk for you?  I think it may mean something just a little bit different to each of us.
For me it means – taking something (usually something very old) that has lost it’s place as a useful object, and making it both useful and beautiful once again.  Very often, the new use will be totally unrelated to the old… and that is definitely the case with my Book Page Junk Frame!
Since my slab of wood was already so distressed, I had no qualms about putting in a few nails and taking them back out again to hang something else.  Truth be told, I’m pretty sure that this thing was used as a butcher block at some point in it’s life.  And I don’t mean like, a pretty butcher block counter top from Ikea…I mean I think things were butchered on it… sorry…
DIY Book Page Junk Frame - from breida at breidawithab.com

all kinds of gashes and holes (and before I started, spiders and webs!)


This was not a very complicated project.  My projects never are!  All you need is:

  • Your piece of wood
  • An old book
  • Decoupage medium & paint brush
  • Hammer & small nails
  • Whatever you wish to display!

The only part of the project that requires some planning is the layout of the book pages.   Once you’ve decided on which book you want to destroy use, set about tearing out how ever many pages you will need.  You could certainly cut them with an exacto knife but I wanted mine to look a little “worn” so I tore them – very carefully.  Decide how many pages you’ll need and lay them out in advance.

  DIY Book Page Junk Frame - from breida at breidawithab.com
i actually removed the top and bottom margins from each of the pages as well – i just liked how it looked without any extra whitespace…

I did not make the pages go in order so that you could read them (like a book) which my son found disappointing.  If you’re using a favorite book, (like I did), you might want to choose from several favorite sections of the book (like I did).  Laying all of the pages out in advance lets you move quickly once you begin with the decoupage medium.  I used Martha Stewart Crafts Decoupage Multi Surface Durable Matte Finish.  According to the label – if you follow the directions – you can run this stuff through the dishwasher and leave it out in the rain when you’re through with it!  Pretty impressive!  I won’t repeat the label instructions to you here – but I will tell you that you’ll have to apply one layer to your board and one layer to the back of your book pages.  The instructions require several more layers over top – but I decided that I wanted the pages to remain as “book looking” as I could get them.  Even though this is a matte finish, I knew it would give a bit of shine – and I didn’t want that.

I didn’t follow the rules.  What else is new?  🙂

Now, for all that I like things to look “worn” and I can’t pass up a good patina, I hate it when things look sloppy.  I wanted to miter the corners and it would drive me crazy if they came out crooked… I found that just by folding the pages over carefully and lining them up as I folded – I got a perfect 45 degree angle.

DIY Book Page Junk Frame - from breida at breidawithab.com

DIY Book Page Junk Frame - from breida at breidawithab.com

the two 45 degree angles line up perfectly

DIY Book Page Junk Frame - from breida at breidawithab.com

I added a few more details – right now it’s up on the mantel in my dining room – as the main attraction in my Fall Mantel (which you can see, in full, right here, later this week!) and it’s the vintage hammers and the agriculture sign that got to stay.   Don’t forget – beauty is in the details – and sometimes beauty (and craft supplies) come from the hardware store!

DIY Book Page Junk Frame - from breida at breidawithab.com

gives a more finished look for hanging the vintage metal sign on the Junk Frame...

DIY Book Page Junk Frame - from breida at breidawithab.com


Lastly, the vintage hammers are hung, very simply, with tiny little “wire nails”.  I put the board flat on the dining room table and positioned the hammers where I wanted them and then just put in the very small wire nails where I knew they would support the hammers and not let them move.  The three hammers that were right side up were simple – the one that was upside down was just a little harder – but I just slid the little nails into some nooks in the contour of the handle and tapped them in – solid as a rock!

DIY Book Page Junk Frame - from breida at breidawithab.com

i used four nails for this largest of the hammers - it worked perfectly...

So – tell me – which one is your favorite??

DIY Book Page Junk Frame - from breida at breidawithab.com

the carpenter ruler star?

DIY Book Page Junk Frame - from breida at breidawithab.com

dried hydrangeas from my mom's house?

DIY Book Page Junk Frame from breida at breidawithab.com

the vintage thermometer and rusty wooden clipboard?

DIY Book Page Junk Frame - from breida at breidawithab.com

or, is it the hammers?

Personally?  I’m kind of in love with all of them!   And I already have a plan for CHRISTMAS!!

Now!!  I told you that you’d want to stick around till the very end!  This is the part where you get to meet the rest of the Junkers United Pinning Team!  All of us have joined up today to bring you one fantastic project each – but we have all been working behind the scenes for weeks creating a truly inspiring Junkers United Pin Board on Pinterest.  It’s the best of the Junking best from our own blogs as well as all over blogland, conveniently curated for YOU by US!!

Junkers United Pin Board – Click HERE to visit!!


And here we all are!!
(I’ve always wanted to be part of a team!!)



Now, it’s time for you to meet the team “in person”.  Go on and follow the links below to visit their blogs and see the what wonderful Junk project they have to share with you today!   I’ve had a sneak peek at most of them and they are really fantastic!

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Now!  If you’ve got anything YOU would like to share with US, go on ahead and Link it up below!  We’ll be checking out the Link Party and Pinning our favorites to the Junkers Unite Pin Board!
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