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Hello Everyone!  The Junkers United Team has gotten together once again – so welcome back to another round of wonderful Junk projects.  We all do this kind of thing all the time individually but when we come together like this, you know the projects will be extra special and extra JUNKY!!

I made this DIY Yardstick Organizer mostly from random scraps that I had lying around, and a few basic tools.  I know you might not have any vintage yardsticks at your house but I’d like to help you start your own collection by giving away 3 of them!!  Details on the yardstick giveaway later in the post….


Okay.  I know this project might look a little involved.  But honestly, there is nothing scary here.  Really.  The scariest thing I did was actually cutting some of my vintage yardsticks into pieces.  It kills me – but I love the way it came out!

How to vintage yardstick kitchen organizer

We can break this down in to 4 major sections.  First I had to build the back – or the piece that everything is attached to.

How to vintage yardstick kitchen organizer

I started with this old/unused/unfinished project that was lingering on my back porch.  I put this together over a year ago with the intention of turning it into a coat rack…but it never got finished.  It is simply a plain board (10″ wide x 36″ long) from Lowe’s with some little pieces of trim nailed to the edges.  The whole thing is painted with one coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Coco and then another coat of ASCP Old White.  I did some light distressing and coated it in Clear Wax.  Then I painted that bee on it and set it on the back porch for a year or so…who knows why…

It was convenient that the thing was exactly 36″ long because, well, that’s just about how long a yardstick is! I went through my collection of yardsticks (they’re all 36″ long but they are all different widths and thicknesses) until I found a combination fit the space between the two pieces of trim.

How to vintage yardstick kitchen organizer 3 final .jpg

How to vintage yardstick kitchen organizer

I used hot glue to attach the yardsticks to the board – just to hold them in place.  I used screws (much more secure) to attach the items on the front and those went right through the board and the yardsticks – holding everything together really securely.

The 3 useful items on the front of the board were really easy to make.

First up – The Paper Roll:

How to vintage yardstick kitchen organizer


I simply cut those half rounds out with my jigsaw – I drew them freehand,  cut them out of a piece of scrap wood, and painted them the same way as the main board.  I thought I had seen a “packet” of little dowels in the garage – when I went out to get them – they turned out to be S’mores sticks that I bought at the grocery store last year!  Didn’t matter – they worked fine! I bought the paper roll at my local office supply store – but it is just a cash register tape.  They actually sold me one of the ones they use for their own cash register! In order to get the hole in the right spot – I put a dab of toothpaste on the center plastic piece and held it up against one of the half rounds – that way I could make sure that my randomly purchased paper roll fit correctly and spun freely.  I think the paper will last for quite a while – it’s hundreds of feet long!  Lastly – I put screws through from the back of the main board and into the half rounds.  They’re not going anywhere.

Next up- The Clip Board:

How to vintage yardstick kitchen organizer


Super simple here.  This is a mini-clipboard. (9″x6″) SO cute! It is just a regular clip board – and I painted it with ASCP Old White.  I poked a tiny nail in and hung it up.  It’s easy to take it down and use it around the house – I’ve used it for a daily to do list – and kept it with me.

How to vintage yardstick kitchen organizer


And finally – The Mail Holder:

How to vintage yardstick kitchen organizer


Once again – I drew the wooden pieces freehand and cut them out of scrap wood.  They’re attached in just the same way as the half rounds for the paper roll – but each side has two screws – straight through from the back of the board – right into the painted wooden side pieces.

I really would suggest that you pre-drill the holes for these screws – and using yardsticks on this project makes it REALLY easy to make sure everything is even and level…NO measuring required!  Just choose a drill bit a little smaller than your screw – and go for it!

How to vintage yardstick kitchen organizer

I cut up 2 of my yardsticks for making the front and bottom of the mail holder – they died for a good cause!  They’re just hot glued on – I think it will be strong enough – and I didn’t think I would like the look of screws holding them on…

And that’s IT! If you’d like to give it a try – and you have more questions – I’d be happy to try and help out!  Just let me know in the comments!

But wait!!  There’s MORE! Would you like a chance to win some yardsticks from my collection??
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I’ll choose a winner and announce it here on the blog next week!


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