What I Left Out… {a winter mantel}{11}

When I saw you last I was talking about taking down all of the Christmas decorations and saying how it makes me a little bit melancholy…

By the way, it makes me a little bit melancholy to leave it up past a certain date, too.  There is just no pleasing me.  And apparently, no getting around the “January Blues”…

So.  What I left out of my last post was… what I left out.  I decided to leave up my living room mantel decorations.  And really, they seem like they fit into the “winter” category – and not just Christmas.

What do you think?

Winter Mantel at breidawithab.com

winter mantel breidawithab.com 9 final


winter mantel breidawithab.com 11 final


winter mantel breidawithab.com 2 final


This mantel just came together without any real plan.  Turned out to have a bit of a bird theme (thinking ahead to Spring?) I have a whole collection of these little hummingbird (?) nests that I’ve found in my back yard.  They are all made with a little bit of dog hair – from my own dogs.  I even have one with hair from my dog that died in 2007.  I store them each in their own little tupperware containers and keep them with the Christmas decorations.  The egg shells are broken pieces of robin’s eggs that I’ve found in the yard, too.

So – I ended up with birds and bird nests, greenery, pinecones, birds and snowflakes… book page snowflakes.

winter mantel breidawithab.com 6 final


I’ve always had a “thing” for words, letters, and numbers.  I’ve really been on a roll making projects with book pages – and I can tell that there are still more coming.

winter mantel breidawithab.com


winter mantel breidawithab.com


I hope it doesn’t upset you that I’ve used a book in this way – fear not – I’ve only taken apart two books so far – and there aren’t many out there who have more respect for books than I do.  Did you see the book page frame I made with a giant slab of salvaged wood?

I think that my favorite book page project to date is the bunting that I have up on this winter mantel.

winter mantel breidawithab.com

More pictures and a quick and easy tutorial for the bunting up next – here on the blog.  See you soon!

Do you keep any of your “Holiday” decorations up for winter?  What kinds of things make it past the first week of January in your house?


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