License Plate Coat Rack {vintage goodness}{13}


When last we spoke I told you that I had purchased some vintage license plates from my neighbor.  Those plates were the final piece I was waiting on to finish this project I had already started.  I’ve only used two of these beauties and I’ve got 15 more just waiting to be made into…who knows what!?

I really, really, want to keep this…but if I kept all of my creations I’d be a very bad business person.  I just finished putting it up in my Etsy Shop.  I’d love it if one of you bought it…cuz there is something at the antique store down the road that I really want to buy… wait – that’s just as bad, isn’t it?

Okay – would you like to see it?


I found this old (and extremely heavy) cabinet door at an estate sale a few weeks ago.  Boy, I wish I could go to an estate sale like that one EVERY weekend.  You already know where I got the license plates and the hooks came in a big bunch from Ebay quite some time ago.  I’m getting down to the end of my stash but I’ve used them in my son’s room and also in a quick re-do of the front entry way of my house.

Aside from cleaning the door a little bit – this project was just hammering and screwing.  I did NOT paint it.  It has a perfect naturally crackled original paint finish.  I used black upholstery tacks to put the plates on and I used regular silver screws to attach the black hooks.  I added a dab of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in Typewriter (bonding agent added) with a Q-tip to the heads of the screws and they blend right in.  You can also get black screws but I was feeling impatient and  I didn’t have any on hand.  I also attached two large D-Ring hangers to the back for hanging.





oh, and this might be the best part…


That’s an extra built in hook, right there!  That’s what that is! plates close final


So yes, it’s for sale.  (sorry – i’m keeping the red hanger!)

What are you working on?  Are you making?  To keep or to sell?  How’s it going??


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