Long Day at Lucketts {but not long enough. . .}{7}

Did it rain?  Yes.
Was it a little chilly? Yes.
Did I have a great time anyway?

And even though it did rain, I didn’t get wet at all.  I arrived a bit late and thus I missed the early rain.   And then when the skies opened up later on in the afternoon?  I ate kettle corn on the front porch of the Old Lucketts Store.  When I finished my corn I took a spin around the first floor of Lucketts and then the skies cleared!  Okay.  The skies did not actually clear.  But it did stop raining!

It’s VERY late – but I do want to put up some pictures from today.  Tomorrow is another whole day at the Market and then the drive home.

I started my day by just wandering and then I remembered that I’d better head to Miss Mustard Seed‘s booth in a hurry so that I could take some pictures before everything was sold and gone!
Here are just a couple…

MIss Mustard Seed Desk

painted with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint - love the chippy finish!

Miss Mustard Seed Boxwood Wreath

I promise to have more from her booth – including the items that I bought for myself!
I’ll put up just a few more shots from around the show and then I’m off!

(it’s actually Sunday morning now – and I’ve got to pack up and get over to the show!)

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Lucketts Spring Market

did you know that i love bees. . . and honey?

Lucketts Spring Market

it's a good thing this wouldn't fit in my car. . .

Lucketts Spring Market

this little Underwood was so petite and CLEAN. . .

 So today I still have the Hometalk Meetup with Funky Junk Interiors, shopping the rest of the show that I didn’t see yesterday, checking out the rest of the Old Lucketts Store (i only did the first floor yesterday), and the Design House too!  Another full day and then I’ll hit the road.

Lots more pictures to come!  Check in back here or use the bar at the top right of this page to subscribe to my blog via email.  I’ll come right to your inbox every time I put up a new post!


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