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Good Morning!  It’s Friday – and that means something a bit different for each of us.  Weekends for me – often mean more “work” and not less – because the kids are home – but I DO get to sleep in on Saturdays… and I love that.  What does Friday mean for you?

This book page bunting is currently part of my Winter Mantle but I like it (them – I made two so far) so much I know I won’t take them down for a long time.  I’m actually planning to make some more.  I know it’s not terribly complex but I thought I’d show you how I put it together.  I can think of a few different ways to get it done but the route I followed was really simple.  Foolproof.  And that’s my kind of project.

How to Make a Simple book page bunting

bookpage bunting


The list of items you need to gather is pretty short.  I’d be willing to bet most of you have them in the house.  I did.

An old book
Glue tape, or other adhesive

book page bunting tutorial

This Ad Tech Crafter’s Tape worked perfectly for this project.  (I got it at Joann’s) I didn’t even plan on using it.  I went to the craft stash upstairs and grabbed a few different choices – I think I had, glue sticks, this stuff, and some regular glue… this was super easy – and zero mess.  And no, they’re not paying me to say that…wouldn’t it be awesome if they did though?  By the way, I bought this for a different project – and it did NOT work for that.  You cannot use it to apply fabric trim to a lampshade…. trust me, it’s not that permanent.

You’ll need to decide on the size you want to make each “flag” in your bunting.  Things to consider: where you’re going to hang it, how long you want the whole thing to be, and how much space you’ve got to display it.  I picked my size randomly – did it freehand – and it just happened to be exactly two inches.  Swear.  Once I picked the size I wanted I just used the first piece as a template for the rest.

book page bunting tutorial

I began by folding a single book page in half and cutting it into strips.  I folded some on the horizontal and some on the vertical.  This makes the words go across your flag – or up and down.  Just play with it – you’ll see what I mean.  One nice thing about cutting book pages is that you can use the lines of text for your cutting guides.  No straight edge, measuring, or marking required to make it come out just right.

book page bunting tutorial

Once you’ve got a whole bunch of pieces like this – you can go ahead and shape the ends.  I alternated “tails” and “points” because they’re the easiest.  And I like them.  Is that enough reasons?  I suppose you could do scallops, or try pinking shears (that would be easy too), or OH! do you have one of those fancy Martha Stewart punches that does the edge of the paper??

book page bunting tutorial 9 final

book page bunting tutorial

Next – just unfold each flag and run a piece of the crafter’s tape across the inside of the fold and then lay your string onto the tape – careful – the tape is totally invisible…

book page bunting tutorial

book page bunting tutorial

the tape really IS there in this photo – honest – you just can’t see it – i couldn’t see it either…

You do want to make sure you have your flags evenly spaced on the string.  You can’t slide them around once you stick them to the string.  Use a measuring tape or a ruler or a yardstick… my (incredibly awesome) table happens to have built in measuring…

And that’s the whole project! So very simple.  Leave plenty of string on either end – it will give you more flexibility about where you can hang the bunting.

book page bunting tutorial

The two that I’ve made so far are currently hanging from my Winter Mantel – you can click that link to see what they look like.

And if you’re squeamish about cutting up books (I actually am) you could use all kinds of things for this project… pretty wrapping paper… origami squares… fabric scraps… photos (or photocopies of photos)… the possibilities, as usual, are endless!

How’s your winter going?  Are you feeling crafty?

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