Make Of It What You Will{3}

There are some days, like today, when you leave the house in the morning and the rain is coming down in some kind of biblical way and the sky is so heavy and grey that it looks kind of. . .permanent.  When there is no hint of the bright sunshine it almost feels like it will just stay the way it is.  Like a new season.

As usual though, the rain has stopped (for now) and the sky, while not yet blue, is certainly brightening.  The birds are out there singing about Spring.  There really is a lot to sing about.

When I visited Miss Mustard Seed’s blog today she had a cheerful little chalkboard project with the admonition to “dream big” written on it.  She found these incredible vintage film holders and made them in to mini chalkboards and they are fantastic and wonderful.  But I don’t have vintage film holders or the totally fantastic antique alarm clock that she paired them with.  Miss Mustard Seed has been writing a lot on her blog lately about making her dreams come true and going after the things that she wants – and getting them.  I decided I didn’t need film holders.  And you don’t either.

Making things beautiful in your own home is as easy as using a little bit of imagination.  Walk around the house.  Try and see the things you already have with a new eye.  Pretend you are visiting a new friend.  Take a look at your favorite magazines, Pinterest, or your favorite blogs.  Change things around.  Take some action.  Make it what you want it to be.

Dream Big Indeed

i took a walk around the house and looked for red things

this old, red handled, aluminium cookie cutter fits perfectly atop a mason jar. . .the red ribbon was stashed in the bucket

i've been putting this wagon filled with little books all over looking for a good spot - and I just painted that chalkboard red today to go with the other things - took about 10 minutes

i'm also in love with this old yardstick - this is probably my favorite in my collection

this is a family piece but similar ones can be found at yard sales, and flea markets for very little money

No matter how grey the day, there is always something you can do to make it brighter.  There is always something you can do to brighten your own surroundings, too.  Use your imagination.  Be creative.  Or copy it right off the internet if you want!

Where do you find your creative inspiration?  Do you like to arrange and re-arrange?  Leave a comment and tell me about it.

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