Moving a Mountain {one shovelful at a time}{11}

So.  I sold a dresser over the weekend. I was going to say that I can’t describe the feeling I have when I can turn my own hard work into some bit of money…but then I realized that many of you will already know that feeling.  You’ll know exactly how it feels to be able to labor at something that you absolutely adore – something that you itch to do,  even when you’re not actually doing it.  I almost can’t believe that I’m making a little money rehabbing unloved furniture.  No, it’s not a ton of money but I’ve already been able to pay a few bills and it feels…well, it feels good.  That will have to do for a description.  It feels good.

Here’s the piece that I sold Sunday. (photo bomb courtesy of my Aussie, Keeper)

It went off to Connecticut to be the dresser for a little baby boy to be born in December.  A first baby.  The expecting parents came to pick it up yesterday afternoon and I was rushed back to the months before my own first baby was born – they were truly some of the very best, and most content months of my life.

I refinished the top on this piece and stained it with Dark Walnut… the body is painted in lovely Boxwood Green. 8 final

This is the first time I’ve seen the grain on a dresser top go from front to back instead of side to side – it really grew on me after a while!

I did some light distressing and let some of the dark wood show from underneath.

I don’t think the hardware is original – I felt like it was just a tiny bit undersized for the piece – but it was so pretty that I just polished it up with a little Hemp Oil and put it right back on. 17 final

This piece was in great structural shape – the drawers worked perfectly and it was all very clean inside – so not much to do there.  I just love the fact that a dresser that is probably close to 100 years old is going to go on and have a whole new life for a new little baby boy! 14 final


Good luck and many blessings to that new little family – I already know they have great taste in furniture!

Don’t forget  – I read and respond to just about every single comment!  I really love to hear from you – it’s one of my favorite parts of writing this blog.  Drop me a line and say hello!

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