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how to make a broomstick

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If you’ve been looking around in the same places that I’ve been looking, you have probably seen my friend Karah’s beautiful pumpkin made from palm fronds (of all things!).  Karah blogs at The Space Between, and is lucky enough to live in the Carribean and while it must be pretty fantastic to get to skip winter. . .forever, endless summer must cause one to stretch the bounds of creativity when it comes to “holiday” decor.  Karah does an amazing job of using what she finds in nature (and the nature there must be quite different from the nature here).  That palm frond pumpkin was just gorgeous.  It was . . . inspiring!

So I’ve had this idea for this project in mind for a long time.  I’m not sure how many years ago it was that my kids first got obsessed with Harry Potter but that was when I first had the idea to make this broom stick.  It was not so much of a Halloween thing as, you know, a literary allusion.  Seeing Karah’s pumpkin finally got me to put the materials together and make the idea into a reality!  It turned out to be even easier than I thought it would be and once I give you the materials list – I’m sure you won’t even need me to tell you how to put them together.  But I’ll tell you anyway.

I used:

how to make a broomstick

one stick about 36″ long.  I used a vintage yardstick – but you could use  a broom handle OR and actual stick from the yard

the dried stalks of this summer’s tiger lilly flowers – about 2 dozen – or another similar dried plant

some cotton string – i used cotton yarn – but you could use an old shoelace or a piece of ribbon (this part won’t be visible)

scissors, t-pins, and a piece of wide ribbon (i used the burlap webbing you see above)

Here is the photo that I showed in my last post – you can see the broomstick where I’ve displayed it in a Fall vignette.

how to make a broomstick

i'm so sorry about that lighting. . .

more wretched lighting. it's really lovely in person. honest.

So, this project is dead simple.  IF you have a tiger lilly bed that has finished up for the year, the dried stems are perfect.  I have this huge bed of them out front.  If you can’t get your hands on any of those – you can definitely use another dried plant material.  Just take a walk and see what you find.  You’ll want them to be about 2 feet long.

how to make a broomstick

ahem. . . i'll be cleaning those up any minute now. . .

how to make a broomstick

just gather them in one hand until they look full enough for your broom

To make the broom handle, I used a vintage yardstick.  I was actually on my way out the yard to find a regular stick when it caught my eye.  This one happens to be shaped like a rod or a pointer and it works perfectly.  You could also use an actual broomstick (if you have one sitting around).

how to make a broomstick

an old advertising piece. . .

The actual “how to” is very easy.  I simply gathered the stems in one hand and cut them evenly with the scissors.  Next, I just put them around the stick and tied them with the cotton yarn.

how to make a broomstick

I think it would actually look pretty cool if it were just wrapped with this green and white cotton yarn but I have this burlap webbing that I bought a few months ago and I’m using it for everything these days!  I’m in love!

how to make a broomstick

the lighting. . . . soooo much better, right?

I just cut a piece long enough to go around and secured it with t-pins.  Really?  I think hot glue would be the way to go – but I don’t know where my glue gun is right now.  I know, I know. . .  bad crafter!  Disorganized crafter!  Sue me!

Do you need to see t-pins?

how to make a broomstick

Do you need to see another pretty picture?  Yes!

how to make a broomstick

I hope this will do for those of you that asked for the tutorial.  If I have left anything out – please feel free to ask me any questions you might need answered.   And if you should decide to give it a go – I would LOVE to see your results!

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