Oh, NO! It’s WOOD and You PAINTED it!!!{33}

So – I’ve never had a problem here with any of my readers about painting wooden furniture.  And we don’t need to get into the whole debate  (unless you really want to for some reason) but these days, every time I see a painted piece online I start to brace myself for the onslaught of people who feel the need to condemn the absolute tragedy, TRAGEDY!!, that they see in paint going onto wood.

Newsflash: Child Abuse is tragic. Starvation and the senseless violence of war are tragic.  Homelessness, cyber-bullying, disease, massive drought, and any time a child dies before their parents – those are tragic.

Painting furniture? Nope. It’s not a tragedy.
So, stop with the nonsense.

My painted pieces don’t have to be falling apart at the seams to make it okay either.  I don’t have to rescue them from the dump (though I have).  They don’t have to need massive amounts of fixing or look so bad in their “natural wooden state” that people will go blind from looking at them – unless I cover the horror with paint.  You know what the “natural” beauty of wood actually looks like?


So while I’m pretty sure anyone who is actually reading this already “gets it”, I just felt like I needed to get this off my chest.  I promise I will NOT come to your house and paint any of YOUR wooden furniture – or try to force YOU to paint it either – so why should anyone care if I’m going to paint something of MINE?

If you’ve made it this far in the rant post, I’ll be back tomorrow with a piece of furniture that I painted recently.  I’ve been a little silent lately and a good deal of the reason is that the negativity (NOT just on this particualr topic) online has really been getting me down – I’ve been feeling like I needed to step away from the computer.  I’ve still been working on projects though – and I’d like to start talking about them again…

I’ve missed breida with a b.

See you again soon!


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