What, This Old Thing? {that i found in the back yard}{31}

A few days ago I posted this picture on Facebook and Instagram of something that my husband found near one of our back doors while doing a little DIY project.  I have no idea how old the bottle is – it’s not super old – but it’s from way before my time – that’s for sure.  People really responded to the little broken bottle.


I’ve found all kinds of things out in the yard – I even have a little collection of broken pieces of blue and white china.   Those come mainly from right behind and around the house,  Today though, I thought I’d share some things that my son found with the help of a metal detector – they mainly came from out near the barn.  Some of you might think this is just some old rusty junk – but I’m willing to bet some of you are kindred spirits – and like me –

you think this is art.


If you’ve been a reader at breida with a b. for a while you might be sick of hearing about this old house and how I feel about it.  I feel like it comes up a lot (too much?) when I’m writing and taking pictures.  The truth is just that it’s one of the things that I’m really passionate about. (if you’re new here click on any of the linked bits of text throughout this post to find different stories about the history of the house)  I love this place. I love all this old stuff.  That horse shoe?  It used to be on a horse – a real horse – who lived here – most likely right out there in MY barn – where I paint furniture!  I’m very moved by that kind of thought…what was his name?  was he friendly?  did he like to eat the crab apples from the trees next to the driveway on his way up  to the field?

And that key…  What did the key open?


And what is this thing??


Seriously.  What could that possibly be?

I get a little frustrated from time to time because a house this old doesn’t have any closets – but who needs closets, when you have all this history to keep you company?

so. are we kindred spirits?  would you be taking all this to the scrap heap or giving it an honored place in your home?


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