Once More to the Studs {Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation} BEFORE{8}

Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation

{BEFORE  –  during  –  after}

Have you ever done demolition in your home?  Have you ever demo’d a plaster wall?  How about four of them – or even a dozen?

There aren’t a lot of projects that make a more terrible mess.  About a year after we moved into this house we had a serious furnace malfunction.  No one was hurt. . . but it required hiring an industrial cleaning crew.  Every surface of every item in the entire house (from the attic ceiling to the basement floor) had to be cleaned and every piece of fabric in the entire house had to be sent out for cleaning. . . it was insane.

That was worse than plaster demolition.  Just.

When we first moved here we did a bunch of work (and we Did It Your self).  We had walls open (some plaster and some not) for YEARS on end.  Once we reached the point where I couldn’t see the inside of any walls at all, I called it a victory and pretended we were done.

Last year we made the exciting decision to start investing some time and money into the old place again.  We knew we wouldn’t be doing the work on our own this time and decided to start with a gut remodel of out downstairs bathroom.  We figured – it’s a small room – we’ll get our feet wet – use it as a learning curve for what is surely coming down the road (someday).  Two more bathrooms. . . and someday?  The kitchen!

 Farmhouse Bathroom Renovation

{before  –  during  –  after}

First, I’ll give you a look at what it looked like before we began:

old house bathroom renovation

the view as you walk down the hall toward the bathroom (at night...)

old house bathroom renovation

well, that's a toilet of a different color. . .

In this photo (above) you can see that the toilet is almond and the sink is white.  Who does that?  That drove me nuts for 14 years!  Second, do you see how that window frame bumps right into the wall on the left, behind the toilet.  That really bothered me.  That window squeezed up against the wall like that is just really ungraceful.  You can see in my first picture that the window met the ceiling in the same way.  To me, that’s like a picture hanging crooked on the wall.  I just want to reach out and fix it.

By the way.  This is the only bathroom on the first floor.

This is the “company” bathroom. . .

old house bathroom renovation

i know. fancy, right?

What else can I show you?  There wasn’t anything about this bathroom that was actually nice.  You might say that you adore those old wide plank floors but believe me, they are less than ideal for a bathroom.

old house bathroom renovation

see the patches that we made early on. . .
old house bathroom renovation

up close and personal with our handiwork. . .

It’s nearly impossible for me to take a picture of the whole bathroom.  Okay.  It’s totally impossible for me to take a picture of the whole bathroom.  I just don’t have the skills – or the lens – required.  Here is another view as you continue into the room.

old house bathroom renovation

I have a hard time visualizing things that I can’t see – how about this?

There is almost nothing here that I like. The medicine cabinet is okay.  And believe it or not, this is the “fixed up” version of the bathroom.  At some point we painted the walls, put up that medicine cabinet, towel bars, light fixture. . .

But we knew it was temporary.

We knew it all had to go.

ALL of it.


Once More To the Studs {Part 2}
Wherein we actually get to the STUDS!

Update: The Final Reveal of the Bathroom! 

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