Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood?

Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood? {19}

When I started my vegetable garden I was initially very excited and then very frustrated.  The excitement came from the vision in my mind of how I wanted the garden to look and all that I wanted it to be.  The frustration came because I very quickly realized that I was facing a mountain of(…)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day! {2}

But everyday is Mother’s Day, right? Tell your mom you love her. Bring her flowers and treat her well. EVERYDAY

(not) Pinspired and Produced #9

(not) Pinspired and Produced #9 {15}

So, no.  This project was not inspired by anything I saw on Pinterest.  I do have to say though, that my introduction to Pinterest has so much to do with my starting this blog and deciding to start doing all of these projects, that it hardly matters if the inspiration piece was actually on Pinterest(…)

An Open Invitation (but not really. . .)

An Open Invitation (but not really. . .) {6}

So.  I’m getting ready.  For what?  Well, I have already mentioned my road trip to visit the Old Lucketts Store (I’m torn here – on their website there is no apostrophe. . .).  Next weekend (May 19&20) is their annual Spring Market.  It’s a huge extravaganza of antiques and “stuff” from over 170 vendors and(…)

Mother’s Day Craft Tutorial

Mother’s Day Craft Tutorial {0}

I realize that most of my audience here are the moms them selves.  Do the moms really need a simple craft idea for Mother’s Day?  Well, moms have moms, too.  And I have found that sometimes, only sometimes, the dads and the kids?  They could use some. . . guidance.  This simple idea is also very versatile.(…)

Pinspired and Produced #8

Pinspired and Produced #8 {22}

I’ve said before that I’m really loving the symbol for the Red Cross right now.  The other night I did a google image search for Vintage Red Cross and this is one of the things I found.  I even posted about my little vintage First Aid travel kit from Johnson & Johnson – that also has(…)

breida with a b(lown away)!

breida with a b(lown away)! {6}

 “And I want that.  I want to be shared and featured and even invited to guest blog.” So, there it is.  The line from my second ever blog post stating what I want.  Earlier this week I was so excited to tell you that I had been asked to do a guest post on another blogger’s site(…)

One Small Goal Achieved!

One Small Goal Achieved! {9}

If you’d like to see how these beautiful erasable chalk tags were made and see some lovely pictures of the finished product, please click through to see my first guest post over at Days of Chalk & Chocolate.  If you’ve been reading this blog since the beginning you will already know that being asked to(…)

Make Of It What You Will

Make Of It What You Will {3}

There are some days, like today, when you leave the house in the morning and the rain is coming down in some kind of biblical way and the sky is so heavy and grey that it looks kind of. . .permanent.  When there is no hint of the bright sunshine it almost feels like it(…)

Road Trip!

Road Trip! {16}

Well, it’s official.  I’m making a road trip!  I just got off the phone with the reservations desk for a hotel in Leesburg, Virginia where I plan to visit The Old Lucketts Store for their annual Spring Market!  I’m so excited.  This is a two day event showcasing some of my favorite antiques dealers and some(…)

It’s a Beautiful Day

It’s a Beautiful Day {10}

It is another beautiful Sunday here in the Hudson Valley.  The cold and rainy weather earlier this week makes it all the more welcome.  I’m itching to get outside and get on my mower.  The grass really took off this week with the rainfall. I worked late last night and then again this morning and(…)

Dear Mrs. Hoffman, (Pinspired and Produced #7)

Dear Mrs. Hoffman, (Pinspired and Produced #7) {17}

All houses have secrets.  Maybe, the older your house is the more secrets it holds.  Our house was built in 1850.  Think about that.  This house was built before the Civil War.  This house was built before the first ride of the Pony Express and the invention of the telephone. . . This house was(…)

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow {4}

Let me start off by saying that I am overwhelmed at the response to yesterday’s post.  It’s left me wondering just what it was about that post that seems to have struck a chord with so many readers.  Don’t get too excited (I know you’re not that excited – but I am) – in the grand(…)

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