Painting The Kitchen {some unplanned DIY}{20}

Hello there!

I know.  It’s been a while and even though I haven’t been doing much writing here on the computer, I hope you’ve been keeping up with me a little on Facebook and Instagram.  I’m not the best multi-tasker you’ve ever met so while I was elbow deep in painting the kitchen (which turned into a few more home repairs), I was at least doing my best to say hello from my iPhone.

So.  Where have I been?

Almost exactly a month ago (really the day after Halloween) 3 things happened at just about the same time.

1. Our microwave, which had died a few weeks before, was scheduled to be replaced.
2. The spice rack/holder of all useful things in our kitchen began to separate from the wall.
3. I started thinking, very single-mindedly, about Christmas. (not on purpose.  it just happened.)

So.  Because I was thinking so much about Christmas I stated taking some practice photos in my kitchen – just looking at lighting and composition – I wasn’t actually decorating or anything.  It’s funny how sometimes I can see so much more through the lens of my camera than I can with my actual eyeballs.  What I saw was that I really didn’t want to show any photos of any parts of the kitchen that hadn’t been involved in this summer’s painting project (which was kind of a disaster but still made a huge improvement).  And really?  There was only one tiny little part of the kitchen that had gotten the paint treatment.

And.  When the guys came to replace the microwave, I had to move everything from the spice rack because it was in their way.  This thing isn’t just a spice rack.  It holds, paper towels, foil and cling wrap, ALL of the spices, ALL of our utensils, as well as the pot holders and a few other cooking tools.  It is a great piece and it’s really the only well placed item in our kitchen.  (some other day we can discuss the ridiculous layout of our kitchen).  The plaster wall that houses the “spice rack” needed repair and then the repairs needed priming and painting.  This was a really grubby wall…right next to the stove.

That bit of the wall looked so good when I was done.  I painted the door there as well.  Here.  This will give you an idea of what I was dealing with.

painting the kitchen

I did this painting on a whim.  I hadn’t talked about it with Mr. Social Media.  The walls in the kitchen are contiguous with the rest of the down stairs (that got painted this summer) but even the last time we painted downstairs we just picked a corner where the “main hall” becomes the “kitchen” and stopped painting.

And this part was just a little bit of wall.  I knew I could get it done in no time at all… (famous last words…)

And then.  The next day I was feeling like that really wasn’t so bad.  I could just paint from the door on down to the corner.  It would really spruce up that part of the kitchen!

And the next thing you know….

painting the kitchen

We are living like animals with the fridge in the middle of the room!

And there you have the obligatory shocking photo of my house…

Stay tuned to see if I am able to resolve this issue….  I promise, at some point there will be a lovely after photo (gulp)…  We did actually get the spice rack back up on the wall.  It took almost as long as painting the entire kitchen.

painting the kitchen

It turned into a comedy of errors (drilling new holes for the anchors and hitting studs where there shouldn’t be any – deciding to use a different method and not being able to find studs where they should be…)  and caused me to repaint that particular section of the wall about 5 times, but here it is… it’s exactly where it was before – but the whole deal is way cleaner.  Here’s a tip:  Have a peek into the bottom of your utensil holders if you have them.  That was truly shocking…

Seriously… when is the last time you cleaned out the container that hold your utensil holder?  Or maybe you are way better than me at that kind of thing and yours is always spotless??



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