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Summer vacation.

I love having my kids home with me all summer.  I am well aware of the fact that they are not going to want to hang out with me forever, but at 10 and 7, I am still their favorite person – and I am deeply grateful for that fact.  However, hanging out with my kids all day enjoying the pool and planning really fun and fantastic day trips is adding a whole new dimension to blogging.  Hmmm… did I say adding?  I may have meant subtracting. . . This is my first summer as a blogging mother.  I’m really enjoying the summer. . .are you enjoying the blog?   Frankly, for those blogging mothers that have much smaller children, I have no idea how you make the magic happen. . .maybe it really is magic!

For now, I’ve moved to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting schedule.  That way, you’ll know when to expect me!  And speaking of expecting. . . . no.  It’s not me.

My big brother is having another little baby.  Thank goodness, because I’ve been itching to hold a little tiny one recently.  In the invitation to the baby shower, there was a request made for the contribution of any vintage yardsticks the partygoers might be willing to part with.  Now, I do have a stash of vintage yardsticks.  They are old and most of them are advertising pieces for long gone local businesses.  It was an amazing estate auction find.  Whether I would be willing to part with them is, as they say, a whole ‘nother story!  I know the plan was to create a yardstick chair  rail in the baby’s room, but I was looking for an excuse to build something . . . and this is what I came up with.  I have indeed, seen something similar on Pinterest. . . and I did another version of this row of hooks, as one of my very first projects.

vintage yardsticks with hooks

I have about 30 of these yardsticks and this is the first project I’ve made with them.  Part of my problem (yes, V, I know I have a problem) is that I can’t bear to cut the yardsticks.  Seriously?  I couldn’t even bear to put screws through them.  Originally I had the hooks positioned on top of the yardsticks.

vintage yardsticks with hooks

looks great except there will be screw holes through the yardsticks! i know, the more you get to know me the crazier i seem, right?

Before I put the screws through the backs of the hooks I lost my nerve and messed around with the configuration a bit.

gluing with clamps

i used these quick-grip clamps to hold the yardsticks while the E-6000 dried.

vintage yardsticks with hooks

don't worry - the space is exactly the right size. . . i hope. . .

Finally, I decided to screw the hooks directly to the wooden board and GLUE the yardsticks to the board – no yardsticks were harmed in the making of this coat rack.  I left the yellow yardstick unglued so  that it could be removed.  As with most things I make I want this hanging row of hooks to be truly useful and in this case that means strong.  With the yellow yardstick removed, the board can be screwed directly to the studs in the wall.  If they are just slightly counter sunk, the yellow yardstick can be glued back on and the row of hooks will hold heavy coats or even backpacks if needed.

Here is the final product:

vintage yardsticks with hooks

do you live in Honesdale, PA??

vintage yardsticks with hooks

vintage yardsticks with hooks

what would you hang on there?

vintage yardsticks with hooks

vintage yardsticks with hooks


What do you think?  I got it finished just in time – the baby is due ANY day now!  Can’t wait to meet him (we think it’s a him).  I guess this is a pretty non-traditional baby shower gift.  What do you like to give for a baby shower?  Do you make something or buy from the registry?  Would you have been happy to get something like this?  

(i would have!)

Did you know that I read and respond to each and every one of your comments?  I love getting them!  Everyone likes a little encouragement, right?  Please, let me know you were here – it means a lot to a little ol’ blogger like me!

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