Pinspired and Produced #15 – Funny Junk {a surprise before & after}{36}

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I’m sorry I’m a little late (is a day a little?) with this post.  Were you looking for me yesterday?  Here I am.

Today’s project has sort of a funny story.

A few weeks ago I was on my way home from Lowes where I purchased the lumber to build my tomato supports, and I stopped at a yard sale.  Everything seemed a little over priced to me, but I wasn’t really hunting anything in particular – so – no biggie.  I had a plan in my head to build a trellis for my cucumbers too – but I didn’t buy the lumber for that.

So.  Just as I was about to leave the yard sale, I saw this funny little wooden A-Frame kind of a thing with a $7 price tag.

i didn't take these pictures at the yard sale. this is in my own back yard. . .

It was just about exactly what I had intended to build for my cucumbers.  I felt like $7 was too much for this thing – but I figured it would cost me more than that to buy the lumber and the hinges.  I decided to look around for another minute and think about it some more.

Then I saw these funny things propped up under a tree.  Again, this is a recreation of actual events.  These photos were taken at my house.

someone obviously made these things from scrap wood. . .

They are just strange and unlovely.  I could not think of anything I could use them for.  I could not leave without them.

I had $8 in my wallet.  I asked the man how much he wanted for the 3 funny wooden things under the tree.  (they had no price tags on them).  He admitted that he had no idea what they were – and I paid him $8 for the three funny wooden things and the weird A-Frame thing.

Here comes the funny part.  Have you already guessed it?

A few days later, all four pieces were still in the back of my car.  My mother stopped by and I pulled the stuff out to show her.  My mother took one look at the things and, wise woman that she is, immediately recognized that they went together.  

Those things are shelves for that thing.”

Well, you know what has to be done about unlovely wood.  Have you ever heard this phrase?

If it’s pine. . . paint it!

I can’t show you any pictures of the painting process because my first can of spray paint was a dud and both of my hands got covered in white paint.  I couldn’t pick up my camera to take a picture.  I don’t have a lot of experience with spray paint, but I would NOT purchase that brand of paint again. I won’t say which brand the yucky paint was but I switched to Rustoleum and it worked like a dream!

I don’t really have any plants to put on a plant stand but I keep thinking about that cute little spot that Donna from Funky Junk set up with a couple of little tables and everything she needed to work or relax right at hand. (grrr. . .i can’t find the link – i’ll keep looking) I decided to make myself a nice little spot like that.

**UPDATE:  YAY!  Donna sent me the link HERE it IS

What do you think?

A nice place to sit.  Something to read.  Snacks.  A little mood lighting.

What more could I ask for?

Let me show you the details.

What do you think?  Would you like to hang out here for a while?  I can pull up another chair and we can sit for a while.  Bring a good book.


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