Pinspired and Produced # 16 {Miss Mustard Tee Makeover} turning a tee into a strappy tank{23}

When I went to Virginia in May I had a few different reasons for making the trip.  I’d heard about Lucketts and what a great place it is.  I really wanted to shop the Spring Market.  I love a good road trip.  I could go on with the list but we all know the biggest reason.  I drove all those miles chiefly because I wanted to meet Miss Mustard Seed.

photo credit: Jody McKitrick

I’ve already told you all about meeting her – so I won’t get into how much fun it all was again.  And if you’ve been following along, you know that I bought a couple of MMS t-shirts while I was there.  I bought them both with the intention of giving them away but I ended up keeping one for myself.  I love the chalk inspired design.

Marian’s booth was picked clean so early on in the weekend that we actually got to sit down and chat a little bit during the second day.  I’m sure she doesn’t remember but we talked about those t-shirts and the fit of t-shirts in general.  Marian told me that she picked this batch of t-shirts based on what she wanted to wear herself.  But as I am sure you already know, there are a million different shapes and cuts for t-shirts and well. . . I just couldn’t wear my MMS t-shirt.  It looked terrible on me.  Just not the right shape for my, uh. . . shape.

The shirt kicked around my house for months.  I never even put it away because I liked the look of it so much.  It was in the dining room.  It was in my bedroom.  I was starting to feel silly for keeping it – I should have given it away to a reader who would wear it!

And then I saw this post  on Crafterhours which I found through a pin on Pinterest that came from Debbie Westbrooks at Refresh Restyle.  This is the kind of sewing project I can handle!  If you want the full tutorial – head on over to the post I read  – she did a great job of explaining the very simple process.

Here is what my MMS t-shirt looked like until about midnight, last night.

t-shirt to tank top

before. . .

And this is what it looks like now (also what it looked like at about 12:30am – this is a very quick project)

t-shirt to tank top

after. . .

It’s so simple that you can pretty much get the gist of it just from this picture:

t-shirt to tank top

these are all of the cut lines. . .

Quite simply, the bottom hem line gets discarded, the next strip (of about an inch) gets used to make the shoulder tie.  The new neck line gets folded over once (you could do a nicer hem if you have room for more folding down before your design begins but I didn’t ) and sewn in one straight-ish line all the way across.  The “tie” piece goes through the channel and tied over the shoulder and it’s done!! I was wearing it in less than 30 minutes!

t-shirt to tank top

t-shirt to tank top

t-shirt to tank top

I really like the way it came out!  I’ve been wearing it all day today.  I had to have some help with the picture taking – I usually enlist my 8 yr. old daughter as a model but it wasn’t working for this project.  I got my son to take some pictures of me – he’s pretty good!

I already have a few more unworn t-shirts lined up for this treatment!  I’d say you do need a sewing machine (though you could, of course, sew it by hand) but that you do NOT need any level of expertise with sewing.  You could choose thread that blends in or thread that contrasts like I did.  My seam was not at all perfect but you can’t tell.  The gathering along the shoulder tie hides any imperfections completely.

Do you think this is something you could handle?  You know you have some t-shirts kicking around that you will never wear but you just can’t bear to part with.


and then tell me about it!!

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