Pinspired and Produced #3{20}

A few weeks ago I saw a pin over at Pinterest that really caught my eye.  The knitted garment in the picture looked fairly simple and so instead of trying to buy it. . . I decided to try and reproduce it.  Besides, the price was almost 300 Euros – that’s a lot of dollars.  I mean a LOT.

I decided to visit my local (fabulous) yarn store and buy my first fancy yarn.  Paula Kucera at White Barn Farm Sheep and Wool helped me to guess figure out what the dimensions should be.  I’ve never done this much planning for a knitting project before – and still, it was pretty minimal.  I even knit a gauge swatch!  A first!  This project used 4 skeins of Cascade Yarns Baby Alpaca Chunky – 108 yards each.  The color is 626.  So descriptive, right?  It’s a beautiful marled grey.

I cast on 185 stitches onto size 11 circular needles.  The shawl is knit in the round.  Couldn’t be simpler.  Cast on, knit till finished.  This kind of project is right up my alley.  I made the shawl for myself but realized this afternoon that I couldn’t take pictures of myself wearing it. . .

So I rounded up the only model I could find.  .  .

The wrap (it’s really more like a giant cowl – and can be worn as a shrug, shawl, cowl, or hooded cowl)  is incredibly soft.   After knitting with this baby alpaca it wil be hard to knit with anything less.  And I think my model did a fantastic job.  There is snow predicted for tonight.  I might actually get to wear it a couple of times this year!  One more thing. . .  I seem to have a habit of starting knitting projects and getting them almost completely finished – except for weaving in the ends.  I really don’t like to weave in the ends.  But as of now – this is one more Pinspired project completed – even the ends.  I’ll even own up to finishing the weaving in after I took the pictures.  But I did finish.

What are you working on?  Having trouble finishing?  Let me tell you – announce to the world that you’ll be completing a project every week. . .

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