Pinspired and Produced #6{7}

A few weeks ago, in my second weekly Pinspired and Produced feature, I mentioned that I was working on another, similar project.  Not very long before I started this blog, I bought four quarts of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and one can of each of the two different kinds of Annie Sloan wax.  So far, all of my projects have been painted with the ASCP but the wax has had me a little intimidated.  Not sure why.  I suppose because there is a bit of technique to putting it on and rubbing it back off again.  This latest piece, however, was painted and waxed – clear wax only (still scared of the dark wax. . .).  I’m pretty happy with the resulting finish.

Have a look:

This hanging rack is constructed of stock lumber and trims from the big box store but it’s the addition of the vintage cabinet latches that makes it really unique.  I found them on Etsy.  Leslie Janson has so many great vintage pieces in her store – but sadly, no more of these.  When I bought them I had no clue what I would use them for – but they were perfect for this project!

fantastic patina here. . .

Without waxing, the ASCP makes a fairly durable surface – certainly durable enough for the abuse that this kind of piece would endure.  With time the paint might wear away but if you own a piece like this you are most likely going to enjoy that added evidence of age and use.  The red and white coat rack in the previous post went unwaxed and the finish is very flat.  With wax there is a sheen to this piece that is pretty nice actually.  And not at all scary.

i took some shots before the piece was finished to show you the warm shine of the wax. . .

you can see a bit of the shine in this finished stage as well. . .

This project was painted with one coat of ASCP in Old White, followed by a dry wash of Duck Egg Blue and then one more thin coat of Old White.  At that point I distressed it with sandpaper until I had the look I was going for.  I finished with a single application of ASCP Clear Wax, brushed on and buffed with a bar towel.

I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed using the paint.  Everything that everyone says about it is totally true.  It goes a LONG way, it is VERY low odor, it is extremely easy to clean up, it sands off (for distressing) beautifully, and the colors are very tasteful – each one prettier than the last.  I’m sure I’ll be buying more colors soon!

So, that’s what I got finished this week – I’m working on a few more projects that I can’t wait to show off.  What are you working on?  What have you gotten accomplished?  What are you dreaming about starting?  Please, tell me all about it!


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