The Squeaky Nail Gets the… {Fix-It Tip}{13}

By now, you probably have some idea of how I feel about my old house.  If you’re new here you can read some older posts about this place, here, here, and here.  Part of living in an old house is the myriad noises that it makes.  Each and every door has a very particular sound that it makes.  There is the constant sound of the river out front, which isn’t really from the house, but may as well be.  There is the sound of the rain on our metal roof…and there is the creaking of the old wide plank floor boards.

Every time I post a photo that includes a portion of the floors I get more comments about the floor than about what I was actually taking a picture of…

beautiful vintage wood floors


beautiful wood floor

Creaky floors are certainly a part of living in an old house like ours but there are times when the creaking gets a little out of hand.  In the winter – just about this time of year – some of the creaks get SO LOUD.  The reason is that we heat with forced hot air and that dries everything out.  You can always tell when February is approaching because the floor has an awful lot to say!

A few years ago I came up with an ingenious idea for fixing the problem.  It couldn’t be any simpler and it takes about one second (per creak…)

First you have to understand that the source of the noise is just the wood of the floor (which is slightly mobile) rubbing up and down along the nail (which is fixed in the joist underneath).  If there were less friction between the nail and the wood…there would be no noise!

How do we reduce the friction?  Enter a homeowners best friend:

Fixing a squeaky floor collage

*on a side note – WHOEVER thought up the “smart straw” deserves a prize.  AND WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG??*

It only takes a VERY small amount of WD-40, sprayed directly onto the head of the nail.  You can see that it quickly follows the nail down into the hole…

I picked a squeak that has been driving me crazy because it’s in our bedroom, it’s very loud, and it threatens to wake up my husband every time I step on it during the night.   And after that one second fix?  It’s gone!

That’s it, folks.  Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!  There are several more squeaks to fix – but don’t worry – it’ll only take me about a minute to take care of all of them!

Are you a fan of WD-40?  What do you use it on?

How to fix old squeaky floors


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