Sunday Rainy Sunday{11}

Our house is old.  Really old.  I mean, it’s not as old as the ones on Huguenot Street, but I think one-hundred-sixty-two years qualifies as old.  If I look closely enough I can see evidence of time all over the house and the property as well.  I’ve said before that I enjoy the feeling of history that comes with handling old objects.  I’ve talked about the sense of connection that I experience with everyone who has used something before me.  These days I’m enjoying trying to comunicate the essence of that feeling through the lens of my camera.  If I make the pictures appealing enough – will the observer better comprehend my own excitement?  I know that most people do not feel a physical thrill at the sight of what they might consider “old junk”.  Maybe I can move one or two of those people with a photo or a story.  That would make me feel that I had accomplished something.

Maybe that’s nonsense.

Maybe it’s art.

it almost looks like the sun. . . can you tell what it really is?

our working hand pump allowed us to stay at home without power for 8 days after Hurricane Irene. we were able to get water to flush. . . and that's really all you need. . .

 I took a walk out to the barn this morning and noticed some things that I’ve never seen before.  We’ve been here for 15 years and I’ve found a lot of bits and pieces (maybe I’ll do a post on all of the things my son has dug up while using a metal detector) but this morning I found some evidence of the farm that used to exist .  The remains of an old barbed wire fence present a lot of fantastic texture and movement.

I’m only just learning about photography.  I’m certainly no expert.  I do know however that it is ALL about the light.  Always about the light.  This morning when I went out with my camera to look around, the sun was not shining.  I am very grateful that we have finally gotten some rain – things were getting a bit too “dust bowl” around here – but all the grey clouds covering the sun. . .  well, I was surprised and pleased to find that I could make some of the beauty I saw, come through with the camera even without the bright sunshine.

I think this is the best thing I found this morning.  I’ve seen this huge coil of some kind of steel before – but I’ve never examined it closely.  I even caught a piece of it in my lawn mower one year.  That was an expensive mistake.  This is what I found at one end of the coil.

once i figure out what kind of tool i need to cut this part off from the rest (there must be 30 feet of this stuff) you can bet i will make this rusty, twisty thing into something useful

I’m really enjoying this exercise of observing my own surroundings very closely.  What will I find next week?  Did you find anything surprising this week?  What did you learn over the last 7 days?  Tell me all about it!

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