Flea Markets

Yellow {buttercup, lemon, mustard, lucketts}

Yellow {buttercup, lemon, mustard, lucketts} {28}

My kids are always asking me to state my favorite color. And I can’t. I can very clearly remember asking my own mother what her favorite color was when I was their age. . . She would give me the same answer that I give them now: “I don’t really have a favorite.”  I found it very(…)

Long Day at Lucketts {but not long enough. . .}

Long Day at Lucketts {but not long enough. . .} {7}

Did it rain?  Yes. Was it a little chilly? Yes. Did I have a great time anyway? YES! And even though it did rain, I didn’t get wet at all.  I arrived a bit late and thus I missed the early rain.   And then when the skies opened up later on in the afternoon?(…)

Lucketts!! {YOU are here}

Lucketts!! {YOU are here} {0}

FIrst things first. I cannot BELIEVE it’s been a whole year since the last time I was here. A WHOLE YEAR?! Okay.  Just like last year, I will be taking lots of beauty shots with my big camera and posting them here on the blog – all pretty like.  Those photos have to be edited(…)

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