Country Living Magazine Fair {part 2}

Country Living Magazine Fair {part 2} {24}

Okay.  I’m just going to put this right out there, first thing.  The next Country Living Magazine Fair will take place in Mid-September in Columbus, Ohio and I am angling for a way to get there.  All the while that I’ve been editing the (way too many) photos that I’m sharing with you, I’ve been(…)

I’m Feeling Good From My Head -Tomatoes! {DIY tomato cages}

I’m Feeling Good From My Head -Tomatoes! {DIY tomato cages} {9}

What?  You don’t like puns?  I happen to think they are hysterical.  I expect that puts me in some kind of low humor category.  Ask me if I care.   I saw that somewhere on Facebook yesterday and it made me laugh.  And, as promised, today’s post will be about the tomato cages I built am(…)

Thank God For Weeds. . .

Thank God For Weeds. . . {13}

Seriously.  I spent a bunch of time out in the garden this week and I was thinking about how tenacious the weeds are.  We work and work and worry and bend ourselves over backwards to keep the flowers and the vegetable plants alive (often with mixed results), all the while we are fighting and toiling(…)

(not) Pinspired and Produced #9

(not) Pinspired and Produced #9 {15}

So, no.  This project was not inspired by anything I saw on Pinterest.  I do have to say though, that my introduction to Pinterest has so much to do with my starting this blog and deciding to start doing all of these projects, that it hardly matters if the inspiration piece was actually on Pinterest(…)

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