All the Fun of the Fair {late summer fun at the county fair}{7}

Have I ever told you that I’m a farm girl?  I know that I’ve talked about it before but I’m not sure if you were here and listening back then.  We didn’t own a farm and we didn’t even live on a farm but my mother worked on a farm and we lived just down the road.  In the county where I live now there is not a single dairy farm.  Not one.  When I was growing up in Columbia County (New York State) in the very late 70’s and early 80’s there were still quite a few.  Most days after school I was allowed to go with my mother for the evening milking.  I was young enough to be too much of a pest to my older brother if left at home with him to babysit me – but I was old enough to be allowed to wander the farm on my own while she worked in the barn with the cows.

One year, even though I wasn’t involved with 4H, I was allowed to show a calf at the Fair.  I’m not sure how that worked out, but I’m so glad that it did.  This is what I remember  – this is what I can recall from my 8 year old self. . .  I was given some instructions (from the owner of the farm?) on how my little calf should stand (feet placed, just so. . .) while in the ring for inspection.  I was given a lovely leather halter and lead (to borrow) and I was pointed to some brushes.  You know, for brushing.

It occurs to me only now that I really had no idea what I was doing.  But somehow, when I was 8?  That didn’t bother me.  At all.  What happend to that girl?  I went up to the farm with my mother every day and got out my little calf (her name was Verona), put on her halter and lead and led her around the yard outside of the milkhouse.  I easily trained her to walk and stand (feet placed, just so. . .) and I brushed her.  And brushed her.  And brushed her.

Do you want to know if I got a ribbon when I finally made it to the show ring?  I did.  I got the 7th place ribbon.  Out of 8.  Verona was very well behaved and very, very well groomed.  She was also very small.  I have no idea what “class” I was entered in.  I don’t, you know, know what they were looking for.    My eight year old self reports no feelings of disappointment.  Just excitement.

I still love going to the County fair.  I take my kids every year.  Oh, and I forgot to tell you the best part of that whole experience.

I got to sleep in the barn.  With the cows.  At the Fair.

Do you visit a County Fair?  What is your favorite part?  Do you go for the food?  The rides?  The animals?  All of the above?  Here are a few shots of our most recent trip.  Our County Fair is over for this year – but the Columbia County Fair (the one that I grew up with) is always on right before school starts.
Here is a little of what you can look forward to!

Cotton Candy County Fair

how do you feel about Cotton Candy? i like to have ONE bite - that's it...

The older I get – the less I want the junk food.  I could just spend the whole day visiting with the animals.

cows at the fair

being at the fair is hard work for a little guy. . .

Do you love cows?  Or are you more of a goat person?
Interesting trivia fact about me:  I used to have a pet goat.  Her name was Tumbleweed!

goats at the fair

snuggling goats

a little baby (black collar) snuggles with his mom (green collar) - he was one in a set of QUINTUPLETS!!

Besides goats and cows, we also took in the bunnies, horses and sheep.  The ones we spent the most ime with this year though, were the chickens.  My mom recently acquired 5 chicks – 4 of them have survived.  It was all about the chickens at the fair this year. . .

My daughter thinks they’re cuddly. . .

they seem to like her pretty well, too. . .

This one was my favorite.  Yes.  I had a favorite chicken.

he was definitely giving me the once-over. . .

I have to admit – this was not our usual all day trip to the fair.  This was the day before I left to attend the Haven Conference and I still had so much to do before I was ready to go.  However, if you are attending the fair with kids along for the ride. . . you cannot avoid the rides!  Well, I can avoid them – I don’t really go on rides anymore.  My kids love them though and so we did a few before we left for the day.

A few rides, a little more walking around soaking up the atmosphere, and then we called it a day.  Our summer just wouldn’t feel right without a trip to the fair.

county fair

county fair

county fair

Do you go to the County Fair?  Are you a fan?  What’s your favorite part?  What do you look forward to the most?  Leave me a comment and let me know!









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