The Moment You’ve All Been Waiting For!! {okay, only me}{18}

Have you ever noticed that, sometimes, thing have to get worse before they can get better?  Like when you are cleaning your house?  Sometimes, once you start a big project, it has to get a LOT messier before things start to come together and look nice again?  Does that only happen to me?  Or does it happen to you, too?

Christmas Calm

on the kitchen counter. . .


This year, right after I pulled out all of my Christmas boxes and bins, and made a huge mess. . . I got sick.  And then I had to live with the mess for a week while I was getting better.  It’s not fun being sick amidst that kind of chaos.  Mr. Social Media did a really good job of taking care of me – and the kids –  while I was flat out.  But, I mean, it’s not like he was going to do the decorating.

Christmas Calm

stashed laundry basket of crafting supplies. . .

Christmas Calm

some wrapping and mailing supplies. . .

And then there is that moment, when your big messy project starts to resolve and you start reaping the benefits if your hard work.

That moment when you go from Crafter’s Chaos

to Christmas Calm

aaaahhhhh. . .

Can you feel it?

I’ll be back to show you some of the details of the dining room in a day or so.  Till then, I hope you’re enjoying some Christmas Calm of your own.


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