The View From Over Here{27}

Yesterday, my birthday, I spent nearly the entire day in the car.  Driving.  Alone.  I think you all know, at this point what my destination was.  Quite a bit of planning went into making this trip happen.  It’s not very often that this mom of two hits the road and leaves her family to fend for itself. . .  And it was a tough weekend for me to disappear.  Not only was Friday my birthday, it was also my mother’s birthday.  I was born on the day she turned 25.  If you think that sounds like it might be special. . . you’re right.  I recommend it.  I can tell you (from experience) though, that it is difficult to arrange on purpose.   So I missed my own birthday, I missed my mom’s birthday, my 10 year old son did a reading of his original poetry, my father in law had knee surgery and is in the hospital, my hotel room is kind of sleazy dated, I had to eat drive-thru . . . you get the idea.

So last night as I rolled into town and did a quick post about how excited I was for today’s adventure, I started thinking, “Was it worth all of this?  Is this just totally crazy?”

The answer?  Not.  Crazy.  Totally.  Worth.  It.

I had an amazing time today at The Lucketts Spring Market.  Really.  I took my time getting up this morning and headed over at just about the same time  that the show was set to start.  I will admit to a certain amount of trepidation as I drove over there.  What if  this whole thing turned out to be totally rinky-dink ?  I’d feel so foolish for coming all this way and making such a big deal about it here on the blog.  Well. Traffic came to a complete standstill two miles before I got to Lucketts.  I figured rinky-dink was pretty much out of the question.

seen up close - you can tell this whole cabinet was made by hand - almost folk art

I told you before I left that there were a few things i was hunting.  Did I find any Red Cross items?  Yes, but not many.   Did I find any that I had to have for myself?  No.  The vendor who had this piece didn’t know anything about it but I’d be interested in researching it.  Do you remember the inspiration piece for the Red Cross Box project that I did?  Here is yet another version of the same thing.  Clearly from a different era.

i was after the red and white, but this turquoise and red is really striking

I also found these other pieces but they didn’t speak to me.  Well, not loud enough anyway.

like a medicine chest - hangs on the wall

if my name were Jim Young - I would be compelled to buy this

 So.  I also said I was hunting enamelware pieces.  And I did buy one.  Or two.  But. . . I think I’ll save the things that I actually bought for myself for another post.

The weather was perfect today.  Couldn’t have asked for better.  Would have been nice if I remembered to bring sunscreen.  Don’t worry, I overcame my fear of talking to people I don’t know and asked a total stranger to lend me theirs.  Twice.  We are quite a bit further south here than what I’m used to and even though I hear it was pretty hot in New York today, it’s still Spring there.  It really seems more like summer here in Northern Virginia.  And in the summer?  You get to eat Fair Food.

i had two LARGE lemonades today. the second one was strawberry lemonade. uh-mazing.  it’s going on the list of things to make with the kids this summer.  

mmmm. hot, salty goodness.

I’m so glad that I decided to come for the whole weekend.  I did NOT get to see everything there.  Not by a long shot actually.  There is one whole section of regular vendors that I haven’t seen at all.  That will be my first stop tomorrow.  Then, I will head to The Design House and (this is almost funny) I didn’t actually go into Luckett’s.  I know!  So, tomorrow is still going to be a very full day.  Oh, and then there is the drive home. . .eek.

Just a few more pretties.

ah. you know i couldn't resist this photo

i took this photo for Jami at Freckled Laundry - thought of her right away!

Freckled Laundry

Are you wondering if I got to meet Miss Mustard Seed?  I know you are wondering that.  And, yes, I did.  She was quite lovely – just like you knew she would be.  Isn’t the internet a strange and wonderful thing?  Her booth was fantastic.  And I took pictures.  And I will show them to you. . . in my next post.  Some of the items that I will be giving away came directly from the Mustard Seed herself.  Like I said, I’ll set up the giveaways when I get back home.  Don’t forget to check back in with me.  If you “like” my Facebook page or subscribe to the blog via email you will be sure to know when it happens.

Once again, it’s very late.  I always stay up too late but left to my own devices, it can get out of hand.  Without my family around me it just seems like there is no reason to go to bed.  Since I really have two days worth of stuff to do tomorrow, I’d better get some sleep.

I want to say something else here.  Thank you. To my family for making it possible for me to make this trip and to You for taking the time to read what I’ve been writing.  I’m having a great time – but a phrase like that doesn’t really cover what’s going on here.  I love what I do in my everyday life.  I love taking care of my family.  I’m very comfortable in that role.  There is something to be said, however, for stepping out of the comfort zone.  Breida with a b. has brought me pretty far outside of my comfort zone in the last few weeks and I’m staring to get used to the view from over here.

Please come back again.  I have so much more to share with you from Lucketts and Miss Mustard Seed and some of the other great vendors.  I can’t wait to see The Design House which was described to me by Miss Mustard Seed in this way: “It’s a whole house that they totally redecorate, like, every month, and then everything inside is for sale.”  What?!  Really?!  I didn’t even know that was here!

Tomorrow is another day!!

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