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So.  I wasn’t sure if you’d like to see a knitting project here on the blog but when I asked on Facebook – a whole bunch of you said YES.  And, you know what?  This is what I’ve been working on… it’s finished and ready for it’s close up…so that’s what I’m bringing you today.

simple knitting-silver grey cowl

I blogged a few other knitting projects (here’s one) (and here’s another one) early on (when I first started blogging) and I think I may have told you that I learned to knit during a time of crisis.  Just before Christmas 2009, my son had some serious health issues and I needed some thing to keep my fingers occupied while my mind jumped, stumbled, and turned in circles.  I got a few lessons from my mom and off I went.

It helps me, when I’m feeling stress, to have a hand project… anyone else?

Not all of my knitting is stress knitting.  Honest.  And still, this scarf was started during yet another tough medical juncture.  And again during the Holidays.  My father in law had open heart surgery on New Year’s Eve and Mr. Social Media and I spent the day in the waiting room with my mother in law.  We spent the night at the Fisher House and then we were at the hospital again for New Year’s Day.  We would have stayed a bit longer but there was a big storm coming and we might have been snowed in for a few days if we hadn’t left when we did.  We needed to get back to the kids – who were home with my mother.  Before we headed to Albany I stuck some inexpensive yarn and a few different sets of needles into a bag.   I didn’t have any plans – I usually don’t – and I almost never follow a pattern… When I was just a few rows in, a woman in the waiting room asked me what I was knitting and I could only say, “an experiment”.

simple knitting-silver grey cowl

I don’t do fancy knitting and I probably never will.  I like the hand project to occupy my hands but not really so much my brain.  I do have to look at my knitting as I go – I’m not one of those knitters who can, like, knit while watching TV or say, at the movies.  So, I can knit and purl and I’ve even done a few simple cables, but that’s about it.  And I like to just make the pattern up as I go along. I don’t swatch things – they come out the size they come out – that’s why I knit scarves and blankets – not sweaters!

FYI – My son’s medical issues have resolved and my father in law is making a speedy recovery.

IF you’re interested – I think I can put down the pattern for you…

simple knitting-silver grey cowl

Cast on 28 stitches with TWO strands of medium weight (4) yarn.  I use the long tail method of casting on.

(weirdly, the circular needles i used are NOT MARKED for size – but I think they are US 7ish)

Row 1-2: K4, *k2, p2, repeat from * until last 4 stitches, K4
Row 3-4: K4, *p2, k2, repeat from * until last 4 stitches, K4
(i think this is called “double seed stitch”)

simple knitting-silver grey cowl

Repeat until the scarf is as long as you want it to be… You will use two balls of yarn at once – I used 2 complete skeins and two partial skeins.  My scarf ended at 66 inches. When I was finished, I joined the two ends, sewing them together with the left over ends from my long tail cast on.  This turns the scarf into a cowl.

okay – more pictures!

simple knitting-silver grey cowl 8 final


simple knitting-silver grey cowl

simple knitting-silver grey cowl

simple knitting-silver grey cowl 6 final

simple knitting-silver grey cowl


There it is.  Are you working on a hand project?  I’d love to hear about it.  Seriously.  I read and reply to every single comment and I hope you’ll let me know how you’re keeping your hands busy on these cold winter nights.

simple knitting - silver grey cowl

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