What’s My Hurry? {enjoy each day as it comes}{22}

The other day when I asked (on Facebook) if I should replace my current chalk wall design with a Thanksgiving theme or just go right ahead and do Christmas, the response was unanimous.

Chalk design

my makeshift chalk holder - an enamelware tea cup attached to the wall. . .

I really thought that someone, would be all enthusiastic for the more wintery of the two Holidays.  I expected at least a handful of folks to say – Oh!  I’m so excited about Christmas!  Go for it!

Chalk design


Every person who responded said, Thanksgiving.  There was even one woman from Canada who requested Thanksgiving.  They don’t even have Thanksgiving in Canada, do they?

Chalk design

i love this metal tool bin. it's not a flea market find - it's straight out of my FIL's toolshed. . .

 I’ll have to admit that I was trying to gloss over Thanksgiving a bit.  I’m not hosting anyone at my house this year and even though my Fall decorations are still up, my mind has really moved on to Christmas and the projects that I might be able to share here on the blog.

Chalk design

Then I started to think about it some more.  My chief complaint these days is that Time is whizzing by at such an alarming rate.  My kids are growing up so fast  – the Holidays (from Valentine’s Day to New Year’s Eve) flow along in an unstoppable current – like a Spring flood – all year long.  I realized that I was passing up an opportunity to slow down and  p a y  a t t e n t i o n.  It’s important – that paying attention.  It’s important to set that example for my kids.  Each and every day is important and worthy.  I don’t want to skip a single one.

Chalk design

here you go, Canada! happy thanksgiving!

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year?  Is it a big Holiday for you and your family or does it tend to get swept aside in the rush toward the December Holidays?

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