Who Are the People In Your Neighborhood?{19}

When I started my vegetable garden I was initially very excited and then very frustrated.  The excitement came from the vision in my mind of how I wanted the garden to look and all that I wanted it to be.  The frustration came because I very quickly realized that I was facing a mountain of work so large that it could not possibly come together in one gardening season.  That was a tough one.  I’m so bad at waiting.  I think delayed gratification is overrated.  And this kind of waiting?  It’s not even the sitting around and looking at facebook on your iPhone  kind of waiting.  It’s the working really hard, sweating a lot, and getting lots of mosquito bites kind of waiting.  Not even so much waiting as…slogging.  

The hard work is really starting to pay off though.  The garden is really starting to feel like the vision I had about five years ago.  As the weather starts to warm up (finally?  again?) I’m spending more and more time in the garden.    I was out there all day Saturday.  Okay.  I didn’t make it out there till lunch time. . . but I was out there till after the sun went down.  (photographic evidence forthcoming) It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I don’t have any fabulous pictures of this year’s garden – yet.  I’m hoping that I’ll be out there taking beauty shots all summer long.  I’ll be showing you drool worthy photos of my tomatoes on the vine and picture perfect pumpkins. . .  but for now, it’s mostly seeds under the dirt.  (I planted green beans and beets yesterday)  This garden is, however, not just about the vegetables. I’ve said from the start that I wanted it to be a beautiful place as well as a bountiful one.  I’m trying to create a place to be, not just a place to work. . .  Over the next few weeks I’ll share a few of the ways I’m trying to make that a reality.

One of the ways I’ve tried to enhance the ambiance is that I put birdhouses on some of my garden fence posts.  I started with one and now I’m up to three.  Another one goes up tomorrow.  Each birdhouse has a story about where I got it or who gave it to me – or in one case – who built it.  Mr. Social Media and I built one of them with reclaimed wood from our own house.  And this year every birdhouse has a family in residence.  What more could I ask for?  I had my camera with me yesterday – and since I was out there for so long – I really got a chance to see what’s going on with these little feathered families.

Let me introduce you to the neighbors.

this sparrow lives in the bird house house we built by hand. he's sitting there waiting for me to move so that he can take that bug to his family

the birds are NOT happy that I am this close to the bird house. . .

The swallows were the first birds to move into a birdhouse at my place, more than ten years ago.  I brought home a house shaped like a barn for my original vegetable garden and set it on the gate post.  When I stepped back to see how it looked – a bird flew in!  That house has fallen apart after all of these years but the swallows keep coming back year after year.  This year they are in this house meant for bluebirds. . .

i'm not sure what about this house is supposed to attract bluebirds but the swallows seem to be partial to the same ones

Since there are no sounds coming from inside this house – I’m pretty sure the eggs haven’t hatched yet.  Actually, I’m not sure she has laid them yet. . .  If you could see what these two were up to right before I took this picture. . .

i actually do have the photos leading up to this one but i'm trying to keep this Rated PG. that's Mrs. on the left and Mr. on the right. . . trust me. . .

My last pair for this year are the ones I’m most excited about.  Bluebirds!  This is the second year they’ve nested here – in this same birdhouse.  Even though the Eastern Bluebird is the State Bird of New York, I can count the number of times I’ve seen one (before last year) on one hand.  I’m so happy that they’ve decided to make this their home.

again, waiting for me to vacate so he can feed the family

look very closely into the opening to the house!

switch! the first bird flew in with the green caterpillar and this one emerged instantaneously! she couldn't WAIT to get out of there!

Well, like I said, I was out in the garden hanging out with the birds, planting a few more seeds and doing a bunch of fence mending, until after the sun went down.  I was so caught up in what I was doing that I was totally surprised when I looked up and saw this:

wow. perfect end to a lovely day. . .

Do you ever get that absorbed in what you are doing?  What kind of work or play gets you to that place?  All that sunset splendor was going on right over my head and I almost missed it.  It was a beautiful day in the garden.  Check in with me again, if you like, and see what else I’ve worked on and how the space is coming along.  And please, let me know what you think of my new neighbors.


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