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This morning I wandered out to the garden with my coffee in my hand.

That might not seem like anything to write home about (or to write a blog post about)….

but it’s been…a while.

In the garden breidawithab.com 3 final .jpg

In fact, last year?  There was no garden.  At all.

I mean…the garden was…out there – behind the house and everything.

But I was not.

Here is the garden in April two years ago…

early spring 2012

early spring 2012

And here is the garden as it stands right now….

In the garden breidawithab.com 4 final .jpg

i know. it’s pretty bleak….

Last year when the time came to dig in? and get going? with the plants and the weeds and the bugs and the rocks and the shovels and the rakes and the seeds and…

I just couldn’t do it.
I mean – it is a really big garden and it’s a lot of work but I’m usually raring to go…

You know, sometimes life is nothing at all like a box of chocolates.   Even gross chocolates are still sweet.  Sometimes life just kicks you in the rear.
No chocolates to be seen anywhere.

In the garden breidawithab.com 5 final .jpg

So.  This morning I wandered out there without any real intentions.  I was just going to have a look around and see how bad things had gotten with a full year of lying fallow.  A full year of the weeds of the field having their way with my garden…

And before I knew what was going on my sweatshirt was hanging from a fencepost and I was completely lost.
I missed breakfast
and then I missed lunch….
I barely made it to school in time to pick up the kids.

In the garden breidawithab.com 2 final .jpg

not sure if you can tell but this photo represents great progress… 🙂

I was shocked at the number of creatures I saw out there while I worked – about one billion ants, two voles, many wooly bear caterpillars, my friends the birds, some spiders, one snake, and lots and lots of worms.

There is a LOT of work to do out there… but the worms are out there working away…

and so am I.

Tell me how it’s going in your garden.  What kind of year is this going to be for you?

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